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By redhawk89
I find myself trying to research the flows at various rivers a bunch to determine if it's the right time to go. I have short list of destinations I'd like to fish below. If anyone has experience with these rivers and can comment on when flows are right, wrong, safe, hazardous, lot of portaging, etc. that would be appreciated. Additionally, if there's a river or creek not on listed that you have experience with, I'd love to hear about it.

1. Llano River
2. Frio River
3. Medina River
4. Sabinal River
5. San Gabriel River
6. Devils
7. Brazos below PK
8. Pecos

p.s. I know it depends where you put out and take in. Those tips are appreciated as well!

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By Neumie
Southwest Paddler is a great resource for river flows: http://southwestpaddler.com/indexTX.html Typically, between their "Minimum Flow" and the bottom number of their "Optimum Flow" is a good flow rate for anglers.

The Brazos below PK I did a 3 day float to Rochelles around 65 CFS; had to do quite a bit of portaging. Did the South Llano on a 2 day trip from Second Crossing to the city Park at 45 CFS, did quite a bit of dragging. Did the Llano River from City Park to Yates on a two day float at 110 cfs, and did minor portaging. These trips were loaded down with camping gear, so there would be less dragging for a typical day trip.

Did a day float down the Frio around 43 cfs and it was OK, had to do a a couple portages. The Medina and Sabinal (A real gem of a river and probably my favorite) I've only wade fished. The Sabinal is not a big cfs river, but the is very much kayakable; I've just never done it.

Here's a post I made to help plan river trips: http://www.texaskayakfisherman.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=251189
By pontoonman
River flows have to be interpreted if there has been a recent rain Upstream within a few days in the amount of 1" or more. At least that's my experience on the upper Guadalupe. Generally, recent Upstream rain is a negative because the debris and muddy water that washes down, plus increased Hazard at the pinch points and Portage drops. The rain wash water doesn't help the fishing success much, except maybe catfish, has been my experience. Myself tends to stay away even at perfect flows when the trees are shedding leaves twigs, or tassels, as these tend to Tangled in the fishing line and lures.
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By krackdawg
Remember that from year to year the flow may vary - Ive heard many of the counties in central TX are in drought condition. I have fished (w/ a yak) Sabinal yearly for the past 6-8 years. This river is dependent on rainfall, and can run dry in some areas. I usually hit it up in the late spring / early summer, and this past year (19) it was fine below Utopia. However in years past it was dry in some of these areas depending on rainfall.

But I encourage you in this undertaking - The fishing in some of the areas you listed is fun - largely because of the beauty of the areas - make sure and update us with reports of your progress and findings. Good Luck!

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