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By karstopo

Been seeing these around some various sites, sometimes stuck in the jaw of some fish. I ordered up the tubing and tied a few of my own.

I struggled with these in general and specifically getting them to ride horizontally and hook point up in the water. Makes me wonder about some of the tying videos I’ve seen of these of these flexo crabs.

Ended up using a tiny amount of powdered tungsten to get them balanced and the hook to go point up. They actually look pretty good in the water. Went clawless on these, could add a claw later, not sure that’s a deal breaker with fish.

Thinking the pink ones might meet with success on whiting in the surf or the odd pompano.

Might be a dud, I’ve been there before too. Still, it’s fun to mess around with new materials.
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By kickingback
I like them! They will catch for sure! It's a challenge to tie a fly the exact way it was originally tied but variations are where you find the sweet spot. I would fish thos in a heartbeat! :clap:
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By Ron Mc
no offense Prof, the fish respond to the operator of the fly more than its appearance.
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By Prof. Salt
Hey now, just because I was playing with realism on a pattern or two doesn't mean I can't appreciate a nice fly. I still fish a box full of Clousers! :D
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