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By katt72
I been recently researching into the TroutSupportDVD's. I want to purchase the bundle but can't at this moment. Question for those who's purchased the DVD's. If you were thinking of purchasing (1), which would you start with? :?:
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By katt72
Neumie wrote:What are you wanting to catch more of?

Catch more than frustration, lol! :oops: :lol: Mostly, the reds & trouts. Most of my fish has been caught freelining bait(live/dead) I'm a newbie with the artie style of fishing. Wanting to significially reduce the learning curve of fishing for GAME FISH, using artificial tackle.
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By katt72
Yak Dog wrote:Never had one but I hear they have good information

The same here Yak! From all the research & reviews I've read, this seems to fit the need. For the novice just starting to kayak fish with arties, which is the best to start with? Red/Trout, doesn't matter! Just want toSHAKE OFF the SKUNK
By SWFinatic
You can't go wrong with getting all of them. Best info for the money available regarding inshore fishing for reds & trout. That said they have a lot of info. You'll wanna watch them multiple times. If you only want to get one or two to start select either reds or trout and get those dvd's. You can also reach out to Tobin if you have any questions (contact info on troutsupport.com). Good dude and he can help you.
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By Drifting Yak
The DVD's are great so you can't go wrong with any or all of these. Another option from TroutSupport - Tobin has a members only section - It is full of very useful information that will help you hone your fishing skills - Basically you pay an annual fee and have access to a ton of information. Like SWFinatic said, reach out to Tobin if you have any questions. He's a good guy.
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By Dandydon
Tobin still guides but he doesn't frequent this board as much as he used to. I miss his reports and tips, but have most his excellent DVDs. They do help you find the trout! Maybe Tobin will see this thread and chime in soon.

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By Cityfisher
I have all 4 DVDs and the shallow redfish one is my favorite, it is the one I watched first. Mostly because the waters I fish around Freeport are shallow bays. And I love hunting for red fish! Looking back on my fishing before I watched it and after, I will say my approach and what to look for changed dramatically and I eventually started finding the fish and catching more often after a few trips. I guess it really depends on the waters you fish and what your fishing for. By the way, I still fish with bait a lot of the time. Even with bait you still have to find the fish and have an idea where they might be. The DVD helped narrow down my searching.
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By katt72
Thanks for the replies, I narrowed it down to the "Big Speckled Trout" DVD. Hope to order either "Trout Limits" or "Bays & Shoreline" Red Fish DVD. If $$ is right i'll buy the bundle. :D
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By Getz-Some55
I asked for and received the original Trout Support DVD as a gift a couple years ago. Great info, but a little more useful if you had a motor on your vessel. Tobin has stated that the Shallow/Marsh Redfish course is one of the better ones for kayaks, and I might buy it soon.

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