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By DelSol
Got me a couple of new kayaks this year and had to upgrade my garage rack. I found the plans on youtube and made it with a couple of adjustments. It holds 4 yaks, has wheels and straps for the kayaks to hang instead of sitting on flat wood. Should last me close to forever 8)

Older 2 kayak rack. The third kayak would just sit on its side behind the rack

New 4 kayak rack which I named Kayak Rack 9000 Extreme XL :lol:
By impulse
Looking good and probably ideal for an indoor rack.

If you were to hang them outdoors (no garage here), I'd suggest laying in 2 longitudinal 2x4's to cradle each of the kayaks. The way you have them hanging is great, and probably more than adequate indoors where you are. But driving around Sea Isle, I see a lot of kayaks with a definite dip in the middle from hanging. Probably related to sunburn and filling with water, which isn't a concern for you. I added 8 ft 2x4's about 18" apart to our outdoor racks, set the kayaks on top of the 2x4's and they seem to be loving it. The exact distance between the 2x4's depends on each kayak. It really increases the contact area (reduces stresses) over laying the kayaks on the cross pieces.

Again, good work and thanks for posting your ideas and experience.
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By shoffer
Looks excellent. I was thinking about doing one of these for my old Hobie Outback 2013 that is outside in my backyard in a cover on the ground. Thanks for posting.
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By karstopo
This one kayak trip a month isn’t cutting it. That’s the pace I’m on. Can’t seem to shake the life obligations. Why can’t I be an independently wealthy asexual orphan?
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By Ron Mc
excellent job, but left out the extra top empty slot...

My buddy built a man cathedral for housing his RV, and built it big enough to land a 35'er and still a modeling machine shop in the far end (he sold a house to pay for this).
He emptied their 3-car garage, where before you couldn't turn around, onto those 2 shelves, so his wife is happy - nothing but cars there now.
Has his boats on basket lifts, and getting them down is always an excuse to climb on top of his RV
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