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By A6C5O7
Has anyone here been successful at shrimping or Crabbing from their kayaks in the bays? Mostly looking at east metagorda.

Thank you for any information you may provide.
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By karstopo
When I lived at the beach, I used to put out a couple of crab traps when I started fishing and would usually get about a dozen total keeper crabs by the time I was done fishing. 12 nice blue crabs were more than enough for me. .

Guts around oyster reef were the most productive zones. There are places you can’t put them and stay away from where the commercial guys have their traps set. Can’t legally use game fish parts, heads and such, as bait. TP&W has all the details on their site.
By Yak Dog
I have always thought about doing it but just never have. Need to familiarize myself with the crab trap laws. Ive been fishing East Matagorda a lot really feel comfortable there.

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