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By blaynewallace
I am planning to head down to Corpus this weekend and take the yak. I am gonna fish the canals on the island but was also wondering where else anyone would recommend me going. I have swimbaits, topwater and gulp shrimp. I will use live bait if necessary, especially since I'm taking the girlfriend out. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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By Ron Mc
Plan around the wind.
If we get anywhere from NE to SE, Trout Bayou on Estes Flats is tough to beat.
Brown & Root flat fishes well on a SE.
If we get a strong NW, East Flat on Mustang Island (across PA ferry) is at the top of the list.
It's always good to paddle upwind to fish structure, and time it with tides, then drift-fish home with a drift sock at your stern.
Slopes fish well on a cold front and especially with a falling tide.
If you go to Lighthouse Lakes you can be on fishy water sooner than just about anywhere else, and a NE will also get you home from there.

I haven't looked at the forecast, and think when and where you go relative to the wind and cold.
By Tombo
Capt. Joey Farah (spelling) had a great suggestion. Use your favorite jig head, say 1/8 ounce and attach a DOA shrimp. Sounds like a good idea, will add to my tackle box.
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By Neumie
Saturday, I'd stick to the canals and deeper water with the forecast front pushing through Friday evening. Sunday is looking good, I'd look at Kate's Hole or Chruch (Deadman's ) Hole.

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