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By karstopo
I couldn’t pass on fishing a day like today. Firstly, the water level was low, maybe as low as it’s gotten this fall. Low water like this kind of narrows down where a redfish can be. And it was still dropping when I launched at 10:30. The east wind was benign. The water was green and kind of clear, but not too clear. Let’s go!

I found some little mullet hugging tight to a reef. A mud boil. Then another. Just the kind of things I was looking for. I staked out and tossed out one pattern that didn’t work, Black and Tan, hmm...the signs were there, try something different. An olive crack fly. Bingo, fish on. Never really moved until I got three slots and a bunch of sub slots on the olive crack and then went to a gartside soft hackle streamer that looks a lot like a mullet and that caught the best slot of the day, 23”, plus some other smaller fish. Everything was in about 18” of water. Image

I moved around a little more looking for sign, but didn’t see much until almost back at the launch. Staked out and caught another little red, had a good take, and caught a 14.5” trout. Back at the launch and on the road to home at 15:00. What a great day to feel the sun and enjoy some time on the water.
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By Ron Mc
beautiful day and great report - fat redfish - eating ahead of their ability to digest in the cooler water.
I was in GRTU general and board meetings all day
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By karstopo
I took a look at what the fish had been recently feeding on. Hardly any shrimp, one fish had an unidentifiable 3-4 “ baitfish or two in the stomach. One had a tiny, tiny shrimp or two in there, the other seemed to be empty.

Years past, this marsh right off the ICW would have redfish chock full of 1.5-2” shrimp on a low water event this time of year. Maybe the bulk of the shrimp are now on their way into the gulf with the strong fronts coming through. I did see some shrimp popping on my last trip to the bay about a week or so ago.

The flounder aren’t all gone yet. Another kayaker said he had caught a couple of keeper flounder plus a couple of redfish when we both were loading up to leave. I don’t know what he was fishing with. I did see some folks fishing shrimp under corks catching a few very small somethings and overheard a couple of kayakers talking to a boater (sound really carries on the water) and mention they had only found one trout and one redfish thus far and the boater hadn’t found much at all.
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