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We spent the better part of 12 hours covering over 13 miles kayak fishing the marsh in search of some reds. I finally caught my 1st nice red 6 hours into the day. 4 Horsemen popping cork was the key on this trip as well as Chickenboy Lures' Whippin Chicken (TX Roach) and Deadly Dudley's purple shrimp.

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Kayak Fishing 12 Hour Grind B_Moment.jpg
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Yak Dog wrote:I’m usually in and out in 3-5 hours, as much as i love kayak fishing 12 hours to is to long for me. I would have moved to a different area after about 2 hours . What made you stay so long when there’s so many other places to go? Thanks for posting your vid’s

I moved around a lot covering 13 miles, I knew sooner or later the bite would turn on or I would come across some reds. I was so far from the launch it was all or nothing after a several hours, I didn't want to relaunch. A lot of it is trying to put together footage for a video. I see this as a commitment, so like a job if you're busy at work or have a heavy work load you just grind it out until its done. Sooner or later I knew it would pay off.

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