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By YakRunabout
Launched around noon yesterday to take advantage of a low wind day. Did find that but the predicted 50 degree high temp never did show up, peaking at 45 or so. Water temp was 50 degrees, plus or minus a degree. Rain tried to show up but could only muster scattered drops for the last couple of hours.
Was concerned that this may be a bit soon after the strong cold front, but went anyway if only just to get out and would count it as a data point to that question. Birds were active – Spoonbill and Ibis were busy along the bank, but the fish were not evident.
Finally, after a couple of hours of no bites I had a bump. Then caught a small black drum. Ah – an actual fish! Nothing else in the area, so I moved on and soon had a couple of hook-ups that were off before getting them to the boat. Then another on and a 21” red in the boat. This was followed in fairly quick succession by more reds, at one point landed 3 in a bit over 10 minutes! These were all under 20” (15-19”) but still some fun battles. I ended with 5 in that area then another 3 at locations headed back to the launch. The fish were all in relatively deep water, though that being only 2.5-3.5’. All fish were caught on a jerk shad.

So, in answer to the question – too soon after the cold front? - Nah, if you have a chance to go, take it!
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By mwatson71
Great photos and good job getting out. I have been battling a cold for the past two weeks but am dying to hit the water as soon as I can shake this cough.
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By Ron Mc
I was wondering when we'd get a next fishing report from YakRunabout.
Great trip and especially like that first redfish photo - beauty fish
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By Ron Mc
yeah, and probably won't get another fishing report from me until we have a sunny high pressure afternoon with good tide movement :mrgreen:
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By YakRunabout
I guess you could say that I preserved to persevere! Ha ha. Anyway, after a cold front may not be favorable, but I have not been out in these conditions enough to say, so as I indicated, this was a data point on that. It is my understanding that a couple of aspects were a plus for fish activity - there was a dropping barometric pressure in the afternoon as well as a strong incoming tide. Whatever the reason, there was enough fish action to satisfy my goals.

I did have one regret on the day - I did not have my camera with a longer zoom! The camera that I had is waterproof but with a limited zoom capability, so I was not able to get shots up close with the birds. They don't let the kayak get close to them, so need to do it with the zoom.

Enjoy your next outing!!
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