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Tried morning fishing from the road but never got a bite on fishbites. While waiting I saw a stranded turtle waving its flipper.
I called the Ark and left directions. Built a wind block using dead grass and wrote in the sand. Luckily, a turtle rescue volunteer was driving by and saw the one I found and 3 more along the way. All were still alive.

I learned today that its not good for turtles if you put them in your vehicle and try to warm them up too fast. The volunteer had them in her car but no heater.

I get a call about noon on some trout action at Cole park so I go check it out. All the fisherman were gone but I decided to give it a shot. I quit counting after 15 and only 3 were barely legal, I mean BARELY legal. I tried using the same lure that the morning fisherman used but couldn't get a hit. Switched to a pink and chartreuse and it was on for a couple of hours.

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