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By Longliner
Any suggestions, I would be very grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of a limit of smacks. It's a bit windy today but will be heading out somewhere in the morning. I'm only set up for shore, had to leave the yak at the house. Mustang island would be closes to me but willing to go further North or South to fill the smoker. Thx
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By Ron Mc
we found many blackwater days all November bobbing off the S. Padre jetties.
I'm sure jetty fishing would also be effective.
In addition to smacks, kings and baby tarpon.
However you see the kind of day we were out - I'd be afraid to go out on this big N wind. Though I guess SP may warm back quickly from this front - worth checking the weather prediction.
By Longliner
Thank you for that sir, it is a bit windy and it seems like every time I get an opportunity to fish the gulf its either rough seas or piss poor weather.

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