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By karstopo
Went out this afternoon to everyone’s favorite little bay here in Brazoria County. Light SE winds, beautiful green water, plenty of water without being way into the grass, comfortable temperatures, enough clouds to keep the burning sun in check, moving water, what’s not to like. Image

Bait was popping and being messed with in the shallow water, most everywhere the water was 2’ or less it seemed like there was fish sign. Grass and sand, shell and mud, it didn’t seem to matter. I just stayed shallow and caught fish. ImageImage

Sheepshead, flounder, Speckled trout, redfish, whiting, a mystery grunt like fish. Whiffed on a couple of big drum. The trout were the highlight. Sight cast to a 6 plus pound speckled trout in less than a foot of water. The big fish was prowling along an edge destroying bait and making a racket. I paddled over the 75 yards and made a perfect 70’ cast with my 7/8 weight CGR to about three feet from it. It inhaled the tan borski slider. Image
The fish swam right for me at first and I never put it on the reel. All the many strong moves the fish made were within about 30 feet from my kayak.

Caught some more mostly 15” trout, but with one fish going 24” and a little over four pounds. Image

As I paddled in, gulls were dipping down marking more fish. I started to detour over, but I had plenty of fun already. Image
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By Chubs
Looks like a lot of fun! I need to post up my reports one of these days, have like 3-4 I've just been lazy and had too much other stuff going on :\
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