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By JohnnyA
Formerly Johnny A (could not log into old account) . I decided enough is enough and it it time to get back on the water.

After about 10yrs of collecting dust due to work schedule and my wingman Goose moving away I pulled the yak out and started cleaning it up and re-rigging. I plan on spending a lot of time in the bayous over the winter and come spring/summer next year get back out BTB.
By bigfost
Hey Johnny! Good to hear from you. There're aren't many cronies still fishing BTB and even fewer who come here. Some have moved to the Facebook page. Some have left TKF totally.

Those you will remember are myself, Mythman, Wolfman and very occasionally Lookin4reds and Chazbo.

We have a few new fishermen, but BTB along the upper coast is just about a thing of the past. In fact, MM and I often play "remember X, who used to fish with us?" So many people come and gone.
By JohnnyA
Glad to see a few are still around. I am wondering how closing the pass will affect the fishing. I am going to spend the winter in the bayous to get back into the hang of things. I hope the yak has not lost the mojo. Look forward to meeting up soon to catch some fish.
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