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By poleposition
Hello fellow TKFers! Quick report on my Saturday night trip.. Hit the launch at sunset and began gearing up. This was my first time peddling the Old Town Topwater 120 PDL so I was anticipating a learning experience. This was also my first peddle yak period. Yak was fast moving and super stable. Hit the first light before dark and dink specks were hitting me immediately. When dark came, I moved to a canal and snagged a 22" red. The ability to peddle toward the fish helped the netting process so that was cool. Moved down the bay and caught lots of dinks and a couple keeper specks at 16 & 17". At this point I had the formula - work the retrieve like you plan on leaving the lure there! So slowwww! Let it sink and give it the occasional wind. They started slamming it! Worked my way further out and landed another 22" red. Still looking for good specks, I caught a 24"red. With my red limit, I decided to double back and get my trout. I caught 2 keepers in one light and then my limit at the next. With a limit of each, I begin heading back...but the urge for a larger speck was undeniable. I stop next to a reef and start bouncing my ttf glow shad over the oyster in a cut. Boom - slot red. Try again...boom - slot red. I'm tired. I'm going home. Finished with reds 22-24" and specks 16-18". Beautiful Texas sunset, gorgeous moon over the water, new kayak, and a couple limits. Cheers y'all
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By Dandydon
Fine fishing report, PP! You stuck with your plan and slayed the fish. Keep up the good work.
Shoffer & I always honk the auto horn at you when we drive over the Galveston Causeway!

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