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By SweetJams
I'm an avid kayakfisher and I also do some hunting on the side. My ears have been very sensitive with the gunshot noise and would like to know what you guys use. I wear earmuffs but recently I get some ringing sensation right after every day of hunting. I'm planning to double down with a good custom in-ear filtered earplugs and get a pair from this brand called Big Ear. Anyone here tried their products?
By bones72
I wear muffs now if I am just shooting or doing high volume gunning like dove hunting. Of course these are over some fancy noise canceling hearing aids the VA gave me. (I got my bell rung a few times while deployed). Ron gave some solid advice if you don't have fitted electronic plugs yet as I think plugs molded to your ears are the best option. You're doing the best thing though, taking care of your ears once they are gone they don't come back.
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By jharry3
I used to do a lot of USPSA style pistol shooting. Very loud because most people used recoil compensators which channeled some of the mussel blast up and sideways.
I used ear plugs and head phones most of the time.
I still have hearing loss from years of doing this but at least I don't have ringing in my ears all the time like some people I know. Even a .22 will hurt your ears.
By Ken S
Here,, hold muh beer. while in the mil, I had to be on the tank and arty tables, did that for 6 years, used plugs, and muffs together. I've lose certain octaves, some people I can't hear standing next to them. The ringing is so loud, it sounds like millions of cicadas to the point I have to take a pill to sleep
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By Ron Mc
I work with two guys, one a former artillery VA hearing disability, the 2nd a career in rotating equipment.
When these two get together for a conversation, put in your ear plugs.
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