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By Tagdog
I am thinking about taking a trip to Port Mansfield next year. I could drive down the 60 miles to the jetties on the beach or drive to Port Mansfield and paddle out to the cut. I would like to here from people that have been there. How far is it from Port Mansfield across the bay to the cut? I am guessing it is not that long of a paddle? I am guessing you can get a ride or a mother ship out? Also, how far is it from the end of the road at SPI to the cut? I am guessing 25 miles? Has anyone on this forum fished there?
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By Bwells
Where are you wanting to fish specifically? If you're wanting to fish the jetties and offshore I would just drive down PINS and launch behind the spur on the North Jetty. If you launch from Port Mansfield it's almost a 5 mile paddle across the bay to the jetties....which may be fine if you're wanting to bay fish. I've never driven up from the southern tip of SPI but yes, it looks to be 25 miles or so.
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By Tagdog

It's farther across than I guessed. Guess planing a nice trip down or up from the other side might be the ticket!
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