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By ben_beyer
I was Googling some stuff on sight casting spoons to Redfish and stumbled upon this website.

https://www.sightcastfishing.com/fly-sh ... cast-spoon

The cool part is he also sells the cutouts for tying your own spoons.

https://www.sightcastfishing.com/tying- ... ly-cutouts

The directions aren't on the website yet but I emailed him and I was sent the following:

Using pliers put a slight bend (10 degrees) in a size 2 hook right before the bend of the hook. (You want a curved hook shank the shape of a spoon, and not flat on top)
Take a spoon cutout and place it on the hook to get a good measure of where to tie in some tailing material. I use a few strands of Krystal flash, but many materials will work.
Tie in the back tab of the spoon cutout so that it is pointing reward ( you will be folding it towards the front next step)
Tie in and wrap the hook shank with some flash or flat braid. I use a few strands of Flashabou. Wrap them all the way to the eye of the hook.
Then fold the spoon to the front and tie in the front tab.
Cover the entire spoon with epoxy and place on a drying wheel to cure. I use an epoxy that rod builders use but you could use a UV epoxy if you want to skip the drying wheel.

My wife and I welcomed our second kid on Sunday and I plan to pick up some supplies to tie some of these up once we get through the initial new baby phase.
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By Ron Mc
mylar/epoxy spoon next to my epoxy crab

I caught a 32" redfish on the mylar spoon. Barely over-ankle deep water on Fence Lake. Couldn't get his attention casting downwind, he finally worked up to me, passed me 5 feet away laying on his side, and I got his attention on the 5th upwind cast - managed to do that without lining him, or without a beating heart for who knows how long.

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By Ron Mc
relating to that other wind thread, Billy Trimble says redfish always feed upwind, and all my experiences on Fence Lake agree with that.
Always a good idea to start the day wading at a barrier with the wind at your back. You may get reds beating bait into your feet, which we got in the back of Fence Lake a few times.
Also on Harbor Island shore after crossing B&R flat first thing.
Have tried to set that up in the back of Trout Bayou on Estes, but never had the right tide.
Even kayak drift fishing, last fall, a 25" red followed my grasswalker from a first missed hookset, broach and lure miss at the bow of my boat, and finally ate the lure in front of my dangling legs.
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By bones72
Ben I use sightcast a good deal. The brushes and the spoon cutouts are awesome. I also like the two toned foam for top waters. If you wants some I'll send some your way my kids are all grown, college for the youngest is a little taxing but the boy got a full ride ay Mary Hardin Baylor I just give him a little spending cash for food and such certainly not the expense of a baby.
I know they use they use epoxy but I have been using thick formulae UV glue and coating that with two layers of Sally Hansen's
By ben_beyer
Thanks but we're OK financially. It's mostly just wanting to be able to enjoy tying some spoons instead of looking at the packaging on my bench and wishing I had the time and energy to sit down and work on a few flies :D

I'm also glad you brought up the alternative finishing. I was thinking of just using UV cure resin for the beginning until I get a drying wheel. Or better yet deciding if I really need a drying wheel....
By bones72
I know the no time thing too. Just thought I'd offer. Its good to be retired; sometimes. I have some silver cutouts I ain't using. Right now I am going to try combining cutouts for a two toned fly. Tried it with nail polish but did not like the effect.
By ben_beyer
Well I went ahead and ordered some of the spoon cutouts. I went with Gold, Silver, Copper, Blood Red, Chartreuse, and Darkened Bronze.

I have some Krystal Flash but I'll probably get a few more colors once I order some hooks too.

Now I need to figure out what size thread to use too.
By bones72
I have been using 3/0 or 240 denier depending on brand. 240 denier Danville's flat waxed lays really flat and seems to make a more "finished" look I have not found a red thread that does well under UV glue or even Sally's, all seem to wash out or change color. I did the original ones on a #2 Mustad Tarpon hook. No idea which one as my wife has already thrown out the package. They worked out alright and had the curve without having to put in yourself.

Krystal flash is cool as is flashaboo but I have done quite a few with marabou. The effect is pretty cool and the creek bass seem to like em. I'm waiting on my order to show up; will probably be Tuesday. I ordered the hot pink and lime green. Going to combine tow cutouts and use some green chartreuse marabou for the tail.
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By ben_beyer
I placed the order for most of the rest of the supplies I need. I just went with 210 denier thread since Madriver Outfitters didn't carry the monofilament tying thread. I've really enjoyed their videos on YouTube and it's helped get me back to casting a fly rod so I thought I would give them some business.

For hooks I went with Gamakatsu SC15's. I'm only getting a dozen so if they don't work then I'll look for something that would.

I also need to get UV cure resin but I want to try a couple different flavors I have with the 5g tubes I bought to see what works best before I buy.
By bones72
My best results were with the cheapest stuff Loon UV Knot Sense. No matter what kind you get even if it is called "tack free" make sure to wipe it down with an alcohol pad and coat with Sally Hansen's or Hard as Hull.
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By Ron Mc
Z-poxy is still good stuff, wax paper is good epoxy-spoon non-stick surface. (I have 30-y-o epoxy flies still fishing)
- there's no VOC carrier, which is the environmental reason for using UV-activated head cement.
But I guess if you already have the UV setup, no reason not to use it.
By ben_beyer
I am familiar with Z-poxy as it is my preferred epoxy for another hobby :D

Do you have a drying wheel?
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By Ron Mc
ben_beyer wrote:...Do you have a drying wheel?

hey bro, yes, I have a cheap rod drying motor bought on ebay that I use for re-varnishing cane rods (along with a cheap roller).
Stick a wine cork in the rod-butt holder to plant the hook, and it rotates and cures epoxy flies beautifully.

You would only use it on epoxy spoons if you want a 2nd coat - otherwise, they cure flat on the wax paper just fine.
Something from Eng101 applying strain gauges with Scotch tape - to remove the epoxy fly from the wax paper, double the wax paper over itself pull parallel to the epoxy spoon blade - this creates maximum shear stress at the interface, and won't tear the wax paper.

The mylar spoon doesn't have near the amount of epoxy as the crab.
With the crab, you trim your loosely spun bucktail, apply 1st epoxy coat, first cure, trim to final shape, and add a 2nd epoxy coat.
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By ben_beyer
They look good.

I should have the rest of my supplies on Friday and I assume the spoon cutouts should arrive today or tomorrow.
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By Ron Mc
don't take this the wrong way, but I think they're bent a bit much. The offset hydraulic drag caused by the off-center volume is what makes them flutter (the same way a live crab flutters to the bottom) and vortex shed to swim - a very slight curve is all that's needed.
Keep in mind the split ring and swivel is smart, to keep them from twisting up your tippet.

When you get on the water, looking into a complex fly box may spend much of your day scratching your head and trying different flies looking for different effect. In fact, the fewer flies you fish and become proficient with will improve your fishing result.
I was amazed one day at the Russian River ferry - throwing a sinking head with a red Gamakatsu hook to snag sockeye, rainbows were impaling themselves on the bare red hook.
(snagging sockeyes isn't really my thing, but had to humor my buddy the first afternoon at Cooper)
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By ben_beyer
Well my spoon cutouts shipped yesterday so I might have them today.

I was also up at 4AM with a screaming child so I might not be dong any tying after all lol. It appears kid #2 might have some reflux issues but we'll get to the doctor and see what can be done so everyone can at least get a little sleep.
By bones72
I couldn't take it the wrong way Ron, your advice is very much appreciated. Haven't met you in person but you have not steered me wrong yet. From yaks to how to catch target species its been spot on. As far as a wide variety of flies or giant fly boxes crammed full well I may only fish a few patterns but as a disabled guy tying keeps me occupied when I can't get out. Its why I haven't made it to the coast yet. My back keeps going on me. I can tie a few flies then rest my back and then tie a few more. I tie a wide variety because tying one pattern can be tedious. I will probably have few more to post later today.
By ben_beyer
I received my order of materials from Madriver Outfitters yesterday. Kid #2 has been having reflux issues so only kid #1 is sleeping as of late. I hope to break out a hook and one of the cutouts and see how well they line up.

I went to a couple seminars at Living Waters Fly Fishing a few weeks ago and I just happened to pick up a couple size 2 spoons while I was there so I can make a comparison.
By ben_beyer
Well, I'm going to need different hooks for these.

Makes me glad I only bought 1 pack too. I'll probably look at what materials I have around me and see what I can come up for a pattern with the Gamakatsu hooks I bought.
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By Ron Mc
something else you might consider - you can get some nice wire-bending pliers from Micromark.
I use mine all the time for making leaf springs in antique reel repairs, making homemade single-hook barbless spinners to loan on the Guadalupe tailwater,
and also for bending my Trokar hooks with TSL grasswalkers.
you can also buy these tools individually
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By JW FunGuy
I have to say that is one thing I like about making epoxy spoons, you can make them on whatever size hook you want, what ever shape you can shape your mono into and whatever color. I’ve use glitter. Poka dots etc. so I always have a selection. Probably too many! ;)

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