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By bones72
Took the 6wt out to the local creek and threw some Bett's poppers. Have loved those little poppers for years and years. They catch everything. Fish were not in their usual spots this morning at least those willing to eat. None of the deeper (mid thigh to waist deep) runs and glides held anything wanting to eat. Caught some good spots in water that was thin and clear. How skinny? About six inches to a maybe a foot. Was casting to wakes and "nervous" water. Got about a dozen total and hung another good largemouth at least five pounds, probably over. I have yet to land one of these bigger fish and its starting to get frustrating may have to bump up few lines past 8lb test. Also need a new reel. After the five or ten minute fight with this thing I noticed my drag nob was missing. Had a little green heron follow me around to eat on long ears. Not to many of those today which was odd. Little itty bitty spots filled the niche the long ears had been filling.
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