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By texnomad
I will be yakking on Elephant Butte Lake New Mexico and that area in April. If anyone has some wisdom to send my way about the yakking out that way it would be appreciated.
By texnomad
I have hiked etc in the magnificent mountains just west of EB Lake but never have been on the lake there. There is supposed to be some neat stuff upstream on the Rio Grande from the lake itself.
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By DumpTruck
I haven't fished there much, just a few times. Last time I was there was April 2014, so take it for what it's worth. The lake was fairly low, and there is now quite a bit of water in there. We camped near Marina Del Sol. The best luck for bass I had was in the coves on the opposite side of the lake, the east side I guess. Mainly fishing soft plastics, 4" senkos in pretty dark colors. We manged to catch some walleye, crappie, and catfish trolling bottom bouncers near the marina as well. At that time another kayak angler caught all the white bass he could stand near the head of the lake on crank baits. Hope that helps.
By texnomad
Thanks I did when I was there three years ago. Haven't been back since my initial post. Planning on being in the area this fall though.
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By Poseidon01
I live 1.5 Hrs away and visit that Butte 3-4 a year. For the past 5 years the lake has been down to its lowest in history. I have fished a few Largemouth bass and some catfish but nothing else, there are walleye, carp and hybrid stripers. This year I have not visited but have seen reports of water levels coming up gradually. It is a good place to relax and paddle and if you like to take a swim there are a few exposed islands where you can find a spot set up a small shade relax and when you get hot you can jump off a rock into a deep end during summer time. Late Fall through late Spring water is a bit chilly. The lake is usually not packed with motorized watercraft .The scenery is nice as the hills and desert landscape meet the lake, rattlesnakes, deer and a few coyotes make the view better. There are some marked trails that if you follow you should be ok but if you decide to off-road make sure you stay towards the flat areas as the sand is loose and deep.
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By TexasJim
texnomad: Tried to PM you about Falcon Lake. You in Rockport, or out traveling? Would like your info & help. TexasJim
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