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By Jfcmoore
Good morning all,

I have the very good fortune to be making a family trip to Port Aransas this Sunday - Wednesday (August 25-28-2019) and will have my adult sons with me. Although I grew up in Flour Bluff (18 miles from Port A), I have never kayak fished the portion of the Laguna Madre near Port A. We are staying in a VRBO in Ocean Village (about a mile or so South of Port A). I could really use a little advice from you folks regarding fishing.

I have a little unusual rig. I will be taking my 14' boat equipped with a 20 HP motor and three fishing kayaks (we kayak fish regularly in Central Texas so we are not new to kayaking). My plan is for the old man (that would be me) to pilot the boat and tow the kayaks to fishing areas. I will stay in the boat along with our supplies and fish from it. The sons will head out in the kayaks and explore the surrounding areas. We have ops tested the towing and it works very well, although I keep the speed at around 5 mph. A little slow but given the possibility of winds it does make getting to where you want to fish much easier. This should be particularly helpful since we do not know exactly where we want to go.

So, I need help with two questions:

1) Does anyone know of a location in or near Port A. that I can launch the boat and the kayaks that is anywhere near decent fishing areas? On Google Earth there appears to be a decent launch site on Wilson's Cut. IF so, this would give us easy access to Shamrock Island and the various islands in that area. By the way, we have kayak fished Lighthouse Lakes but I would like to avoid the ferry and stay on the Port A side if at all possible since one of the wives will be dropping us off and taking my truck and trailer back to the VRBO while we are fishing.
2) Does anyone know if the flats between hwy 361 and Shamrock Island are decent fishing areas?

Any suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.
Jim Moore
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By Neumie
Wilson's cut will be your only option for Port Aransas. There's a ramp at Packery Channel and then a couple of marinas under the JFK Causeway.

The flats around north of Wilson's cut are pretty good year round, and you'll have good access in a boat with all the channels.
By SWFinatic
You could also launch at Island Moorings Marina and fish the islands and east flats. I've caught some good trout from the east flats grass flats this time of the year.
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By Neumie
SWFinatic wrote:You could also launch at Island Moorings Marina and fish the islands and east flats. I've caught some good trout from the east flats grass flats this time of the year.

Launching a boat would require a hefty one day fee. Though they may not be enforcing the fee right now as they're still rebuilding; not sure on that. Probably would need to call about launching a boat.
By SWFinatic
You're correct. I called and they charge $25/day or $100/week to launch and the ramp is only open from 9am to 5pm lol. Scratch my idea of launching there.
By Wag
Unsure of the safety of parking around Wilson's Cut currently, but the area provide great access for trout and also oil field cuts for red and black drum. Awesome fishery.
By Jfcmoore
Thanks very much guys. You have helped ensure a good trip for me and my sons. Of course, when you fish with your kids (grown men but still my kids) it is always a good trip.

I read a little about the danger of leaving my vehicle at Wilson's Cut (and other places) so one of the wives will drop us and the boats off and head back to the VRBO. Kind of like UBER for fisherman (might be a business opportunity here for a younger, more local person).

Thanks again. I'll try to remember to post how well things turned out.
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By TroutSupport.com
You can park anywhere, just don't leave valuables in your car/ truck. take anything of value with you that can't be completely hidden out of sight. Leave the glove box and console open and when they see it's empty they won't touch your car.

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