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By TexasJim
Hurricane Harvey made land fall at Port Aransas and Rockport. The eye went over Rockport about 11:00 PM, then Lamar and points Northeast. Bad time. We're still not over it, completely. TexasJim
By CopanoCruisin
Huricane Harvey actually made landfall in Texas actually on August 25. It ingrained a memory in me that will not be ever forgotten. The hourly timeline is on schedule, although after it crossed The Rockpot, Fulton, and Lamar area into Copano Bay it was heading northwest with the eye wall crossing just on the edge of Bayside. Danged, it was a long night.........cC
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By TroutSupport.com
Yes sir, with a large part of my customers affected by the hurricane. As soon as it was clear to get down there I went down and helped for a week. Just Stiles and I drove around looking for people to help.. brought chain saws, tools, water, helped remove huge trees off houses where we could. There is still a need to help businesses in rockport.... like the very sponsor of this board as well.. Slow Ride... he's still not seen the kayak rental business return to what it was.. when ya'll get a chance tell you're non kayak owning friends that they can always rent one from dean and he'll even tell them where to fish. We ended up having a decent size group and even connected with Heroes on the Water and we all just found people to help. It was great to see all the efforts of people from even San Antonio and further.... guys brought down back hoes and heavy equipment from their businesses in a huge outpouring.

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