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By kickingback
Launched out of Scott's Ridge and went to 1097 bridge but there was no bait or fish on sonar. Scanned deeper areas for new brush piles. Found a few new ones. Fished the trees and stumps and banks and caught some nice crappie and big bluegill. The Stripper was caught in the green underwater dock light on 1/8 oz jig and 6 pound line. Got hot at 10 am 93 degrees and called it quit sweating till wet.
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By Dandydon
Enjoyed your Lake Conroe fishing report, Kickingback, especially since I know little about freshwater angling. Nice 22" nighttime Striper you caught! Are they good table fare?
I think you misspelled it as "Stripper," but count me in on that action, too! Your title should attract a load of views... Hello.
That 93-degree night temperature was shocking. I thought we night-fished to beat the heat!
Pick out a good moon & cooler night & I'll join you for a freshwater foray. I love the taste of crappie & white bass.

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By Ron Mc
ok, I assumed Striper, but surprised DandyDon didn't offer a stripper photo.

great trip - really nice photos.
No words for stripers in the river - the opposite of trout, they always head downriver first and you have to stop and turn them before they'll come back up.
Stripers aren't much for eats, but you made up for that with nice crappie.
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By Dandydon
LMAO! Ha ha. Charlie kicks back. Brilliant!

Back in the 80s I dated a couple of them "Stripers." It was fun. I'm thinking they gave HOOTERS the multi-million-dollar idea for sexy waitresses.

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Went again last night. Crappie were stiff lipped and not biting. Caught some bream, bass, catfish, and gar. I swear you could see the crappie on livescope and I threw everything I had changing colors and sizes and even minnows but no crappie bites!
No strippers this time. The last one wore me out!
By SWFinatic
Man it's frustrating when they won't bite. Bet it's really frustrating being able to see em in the Livescope. Least it wasn't a skunk!

Ever eat any gar? I've had it before fried. I think it's better than a lot of fish I've eaten including bass.
That looks like a riot! Love catching Panfish up here in the North but you guys grow those Crappies to some amazing sizes down there. Chuckling how one misspelled word can send a thread off the rails! :lol:

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