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By Floundapounda122
This may sound odd to most, but I can’t wait for winter. This spring and summer has been good for trout and flounder I’ve had a couple September limits for trout, but sadly I can’t say the same about redfish. I only got out once last winter and it was at the beginning of feburary. I walked in and waded jumbile cove. There were two waders already fishing the drop off that I wanted to fish so I moved further down the gut right infront of the geotubes. I caught a nice trout and redfish and also lost a big flounder. I was throwing corkies all day that day. The two waders further up the drop off which basically in the middle of the cove were killing the trout and redfish. It seemed like every cast they took ended up with a trout of 20” or more. They said they had released a 29” trout before I had gotten there. I know that that’s not going to happen all the time out there but that still gets me excited. I also hope that for a couple of weeks it gets really cold to where the blue hole in offats could start holding some huge trout. Jumbile cove and the blue hole will be my two main winter spots. Jumbile when it’s either a few days after a cold front or before a cold front when it’s a nice high 50s to low 60s degree day. I will most likely fish the blue hole when it’s a really cold day. If anyone has any other good winter walk in wade spots or place I can get to from the yak in galv west bay that would be greatly appericiated(not asking for honey holes). I honestly just particularly love winter for the fact that your chances of catching a bigger trout or even a gator trout go up. I can’t be the only one that’s alittle excited for this especially since we’re getting into the really hot days of summer. But don’t get me wrong I’m still excited for what October holds because i know the marshes and the flats are great that time of year. But I’m especially excited for winter though!
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By karstopo
Far less folks fish in the winter and that relative solitude is more than nice. Trying to find some quiet water on a summer weekend is quite the challenge these days. For my tastes, nothing beats a 65 degree sunny winter afternoon for being comfortable in the kayak. Virtually any summer day on the Texas coast in the kayak presents the possibility of getting heat exhaustion, dehydration and/or heat stroke. The summer sun just beats the tar out of me and the longer I’m out, the more of a beating I take.

You can’t beat winter low water levels for stacking up redfish. No real concern in the winter about every little nick, scrape or fin stab turning into some life threatening infection either. Good fishing, more comfortable weather days, less crowds, what’s not to like about the winter?
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By kickingback
I hate the heat. That is why I fish at night! Well, maybe it's to get away from PB's and weekend warriors as well. Hate potlickers and boat waves while I fish. All the spots are open and no one to bother you! I catch as many fish at night as I do in the day.
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By karstopo
I wished I liked fishing at night because it's certainly cooler. I've done enough of it in a kayak to know it's not my thing. The best part of night fishing from a kayak is when the trip is over and I'm back home in bed.
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By kickingback
I was in the military and we changed shifts 3 times a year as well as the 48 hour deployments. I have no time clock anymore and can accustomed to any time I want to be awake for. It does get hard but rest before and after is always key!
Winter is a great time to fish ANYTIME!
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By Kalait
Ron Mc wrote:we fish 12 mo/yr here, but I definitely wouldn't rush through fall to get to winter.
TX coast fall fishing is the best.

Can not wait for winter either, keep saving for BTB fishing and paddling my Ocean Prowler 13 to get ready for BTB trips. However, closer to home I have chores to do in the yard which is unbearable to do during the summer. I have to put in a tree in the backyard. :(
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By Ron Mc
A winter day here is almost identical with an Alaska summer day.
The difference is we don't get 24-hours of daylight.
If you want to meet some tough fishermen, it's those union Alaska millwrights.
In the summer, matching a salmon run, it's nothing for them to leave their desk at 3:30p, drive 2 hours to Kenai, fish all night, and be back at their desk at 7:30a.
In the winter, they fly their planes by the Alaska moonlight reflecting off the snow.
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By TroutSupport.com
Fat boy almost exclusively for me ... if you can't catch catch them with the Tx Chicken or the Pearl with black back, then it's rare to need any other color.

I do use other colors just for fun but you could fish the entire texas coast with those two colors and catch some trout... by some I mean LOADS of trout. Don't get too caught up in the 'this color' over that color argument... are you finding fish or are you getting skunked that is the real question.. if you're finding fish, it's rare they won't hit those two above.
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