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What do you do when the winds are forecasted to be +20 mph out of the north? Here on the coast I like do try my hand in surf fishing. I am far from an expert but I enjoy changing things up every now and again. Don't get me wrong once we arrived to the surf I sure wish I was in my kayak. The water was flat, the winds never came, and we were seeing HUGE shrimp 4-6 inches getting blow up on by all kinds of fish. The hardest thing was watching Spanish Mackerels leap out of the water and what looked like some jacks blowing up on the surface. ..they were just too far out of our reach.
It was a fun time, we caught all kinds of fish, blue runners, sand trout, small reds, whiting, croaker, small sharks, small specs, and some slot specs.
I hope you enjoy the video it was fun making it and remember play it safe out there


Ruben (Funk So Brotha) Texas All Water Fishing
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