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By Floundapounda122
I’m kinda in a weird position right now... Me and a friend are heading down to galveston Friday. The way the tides are looking it looks like the bite might die off around 9am it maybe 10am si that’s not a lot of time for me to work with. On thursday night the winds are 7mph out of the SE. Then sometime during the night they change to 7mph NE. I’m trying to decide if it would be worth heading to the surf or not because the last few times i’ve been to the surf when it’s been flat and green i haven’t caught anything. Can y’all possibly give me some suggestions on what to do? I am planning on getting up and heading down to galveston around 3:30am(coming from Cypress, TX). No matter what i’m going to bring the kayaks because when i pull over the sea wall and the surf looks j alittle too rough i might j hit snake island instead. I would like some pointers on the surf though because the last few times i have thrown alive shrimp but nothing has taken the bait at all. The only thing that gives me hope is that friday is the first day of a “good” incoming tide because the beginning of this week is all weak incoming tides. So is there anything i need to look for? I will be throwing strictly artificial? And at what point should i just say forget it and just throw the kayaks in at sea isle and head to snake?
By SWFinatic
The weather forecasts shouldn't be ignored but at some point you have to lay eyes on the surf. If it's good hit it early if not move on to plan b.
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By TroutSupport.com
I'd say it should be fishable by tomorrow morning. Finding trout in the surf consistently is not easy at all. Most of the reports of 'I killed it in the surf' are from guys that just happened to walk in, in the right place.

Find fish the same way you do inshore... hunt the sign and keep moving until you find fish. I prefer the jetties for consistency although the surf can hold better quality fish.

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