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By Longliner
Does anyone have this unit that's been using it for btb and can elaborate on its capabilities and how they like it?
I bought one 6mos ago and haven't put it in my PA yet but have been told to pass on it and go with a Garmin echomap 74cv instead. Little too late now, but if the Gamin is heads and tails above the hook2 5 I might sell it cheap.
Any thoughts?
By SWFinatic
I have one. No experience BTB (yet) but have used it for about 9 months now. Had some issues with it that puzzled customer service but once I got passed that no more issues (so far). It's not bad I just don't like Lowrance customer service. I won't buy another Lowrance. I'll go with Garmin or Dragonfly next time. If you already have one it should work fine for locating structure and fish. I have the Navionics card and that's helpful.
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By Kirk B.
I have the 2 5x Splitshot that I use for freshwater. My primary need for the unit is to keep track of water depth. For reference, I have the transducer mounted inside the hull, in the back hatch on a JK Cuda 12.
The main difference between the 5 and the 5x is the lack of maps on the nav screen. It does have the ability to store and view waypoints and show a track. The tracking feature is kind of a waste of time, since it can only store a couple of hours at a time. (It is funny to look back at the convoluted path you took to get where you are, lol.)
I went from a Humminbird 4 to this, and depth on the Lowrance unit is in .1 foot increments, which means the bottom is painted in little arcs, as are some of the structure.
Besides the bigger screen, I also gained the down-imaging capabilities. To be honest, I don't use this as much as I thought I would, and it isn't as much like looking at a picture as the ads would lead you to believe. Instead of the fish looking like arcs, you see the reflection of the air bladders, which appear as white spots. Funny thing is, dense debris and submerged flora also look like ...white spots.
All-in-all, I like the unit, and it works well for my purposes. I like the 5 inch screen on a kayak. I think a bigger screen would be in the way.

Kirk B.

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