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By Niner
Hi All, longtime reader, never posted.

I've been fishing reds for years from a boat in Louisiana. I'm familiar with the practicals of catching reds, baits, how to handle, etc.

However, I've never caught one in a kayak, and have never fished for reds in Texas! I've got a week in Galveston coming up, a kayak rigged and ready to go, and simply looking for a good starting point.

"Launch here, paddle here, GO!" That little tip will save me plenty of time scouting / researching and send me in the right direction. Once I get familiar, I'll return the favor here on the forums!

Thanks and tight lines!
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By Cityfisher
I would say Galveston State Park also. Lots of different options there. Marshes, sand flats, grass flats, artificial reefs, and 3 different launch points.
By Niner
Perfect - exactly what I was looking for. Really appreciate the feedback. Galveston Island State Park it is. Thanks! Will report back.
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By Yaklash
I'm curious as to where you're staying, where and how the kayak will be stored when you are not fishing, and whether you are aware of the propensity for some individuals all along the Texas Coast to walk off with stuff that doesn't belong to them. I'd hate for you to suffer that sort of fate and leave Texas with a bad taste in your mouth.

Also, the question of where you are staying has a fishing reason for asking. The Galveston Bay system is rich with reds and there are lots of places to launch and have a minimal paddle to an area where you can catch reds. You have had two good ones suggested, but if you were staying in, say, Terramar Beach or Bay Harbor, you would not necessarily have to haul the kayak miles away to launch and catch reds. If you were staying, say, on Bolivar Peninsula, why go across the ferry to go to Galveston when you have more and better red habitat over there?
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