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By Floundapounda122
I have a very interesting topic to discuss. Between hookspit performance rods, Laguna rods, Gloomis rods, castaway rods, and waterloo rods which would y’all choose. I personally have experience with hookspit, Castaway, and waterloo and IMO hookspit runs away with this one. I have the Hookspit TNT 6’10 medium extra fast and honestly i’m not sure if i’ll ever own a better rod. I have it paired with my new curado K and it can handle everything inshore extremely well.
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By Ron Mc
I tried a 7'1" 13Fishing Omen Green this year and it found a home as my short-range kayak and sight-fishing rod.
For longer-rod, longer-range, higher rod tip with weighted lures, can't beat Lamiglas G1000.
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By Neumie
I got my first high end rod back in 2006; a Laguna TX Wader (currently called TX Wader 2). Then in 2009 I added a Waterloo Slam Mag and Crankin Mag (spinning) to my arsenal. In 2016 the age of my Laguna finally caught up to it so I retired it and replaced it with a Waterloo Salinity I snagged cheap at the Cabelas Bargain Cave.

My 10 year old Waterloos have aged exceptionally, so I'd be hard pressed to want to look at another brand when I need to replace them. Other brands I'd consider would be Kistler or H&H.
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By Ron Mc
I'm surprised Falcon doesn't come up more often.
Nothing makes my 90-y-o dad grin more than a birthday or Christmas Falcon rod.
I have a 6'6" spinning rod, "Open Hook Special" that has fished inshore 30 years, landed slot reds on 4200SS and 10-lb copolymer, and here, my daughter is landing big sheepshead on the flats using the light rig.

btw, I do have a 30-y-o Loomis GL2 8-1/2' MH spinning rod, that I've used inshore and caught kings at the jetties.
I loan it to friends with my 4400SS, and they all want one just like it.
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