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By Ron Mc
portalto wrote:Would you post the recipe for your swimming bwo. Thanks a lot! I want to try it on the Arkansas near Salida, Co!

you're most welcome
Swimming BWO
size 18 scud hook (Tiemco 2457)
XS copper bead - you have to first pinch the hook barb to get the bead past
Brown or Rust 8/0 thread
tail - a pair of pheasant tail fibers - the tail should be slightly longer than the fly body and head
body - green "peacock herl" flashabou, tied in, doubled over, and twisted with hackle pliers before wrapping the body
collar - rust or brown dubbing

here's a profile of a BWO in flight
and you saw the macros of the nymph, male dun and female on the previous page

it fishes best as a dropper beneath a larger caddis imitation (size 14 something)
It will take fish on the drift, but the swing at the end of the drift is where it kills - let it drag all the way to the surface
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By Ron Mc
all my older fly photos mostly came from fly patches and had been fishing - these were taken fresh in the vise, playing with the new camera.

different beads look different in the same size, pheasant tail fibers are different thickness, sometimes wrap farther down the hook, but I've always tied them this way - usually pull the dubbing when the fly is done - this one is fresh on the vise and haven't pulled the dubbing.
it's a pretty simple fly - hardest part is getting the bead on the small hook. Good tweezers and super-fine needle nose help
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By portalto
Magnifying light for old eyes! Do you ever put soft hackle on it? Will definely tie some up and give them a try! Will try a bigger one for the Red Quills.
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By Ron Mc
I use my vise on a base, and have a magnet pad glued to the base. I'll do the beads with the Ott light/magnifier, pinching barb and adding bead, and queue them up on the magnet
portalto wrote:Magnifying light for old eyes! Do you ever put soft hackle on it? Will definely tie some up and give them a try! Will try a bigger one for the Red Quills.

here's my soft hackle, which I tie on a Kamsan B981 (Swede) size 10 - equivalent to our 14 and the ultimate wet fly hook.
(next best is Partridge Sproat YA25 size 14)
Small tungsten cone head - it's both my weight and attractor and I usually split fish between the soft hackle attractor and BWO dropper
both with 8/0 black thread

Sparkle Nymph
krystal flash tail,
midge lace body
Bulldog Caddis
burned microchenille tail
peacock herl body

Another really good attractor is the Guadalupe Prince - tied like a Prince but in place of goose biots, pheasant tail fiber tail, and wing is white antron yarn clipped at the end to make a fuzzy ball. Taking redhorse in a caddis hatch, you know it's working.
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By Ron Mc
more power to you - don't take this the wrong way, but I went through my tie everything to see what works phase 30 years ago. After figuring out what works (more importantly how to fish it), I've culled my fly patterns to a handful, 3 for warm(fresh)water, 3 for salt, and maybe 6 for coldwater.
I have friends who tie flies for fun and relaxation, and have stacks of fly boxes they'll never open again. I tie hand-to-mouth, only when necessary, and then begrudgingly.

speaking of soft hackle, pheasant rump soft hackle on my kicking shrimp - my go-to salt fly
size 6 standard length stainless, kevlar thread
stainless bead chain
the body - legs of the shrimp - is palmered rooster hackle
the wing - kicking shrimp tail - is 2 pheasant crest feathers.
it really looks weird in the vise
and has served me without fail those 30 years
Image second cast of the morning in the back of Allyn's lake - first cast was a larger spec that tore the hook out on her second run
oddly, I've caught kings at the jetty on this fly - an activity guaranteed to wear you out

I spent 10 years working on kicking shrimp ideas, since stripping a fly line is a natural imitation.
Some of my creations worked, but when I saw Ally's shrimp salmon fly, I knew what to do.
The bead chain clicks - nothing looks more like shell than soft hackle, and it slowly flutters down like a spoon.
No reason to go any further for crustacean-food-thingy imitation.
Something else you don't see in the wrapped pheasant rump soft hackle - it's loaded wit iridescent red, green and blue and all that color collapses back together in the water.

Good fly shops, which don't really exist anymore, would give away the pheasant rump that came with the tail feathers.
For awhile, you could buy the whole pheasant skin minus the tail feathers for $3 - now they're about $15.
With the skin, there are some better wing (shrimp tail) feathers at the base of the crest.
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