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By Prof. Salt
So the weather for offshore is still being difficult and shutting me out (at least when I would be able to sneak out and fish), so I have been building up a base of miles on the Stealth 555 so my core is used to paddling without a seat. I have posted a couple of short videos to give you an idea of handling and speed on my FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/profsaltoutdoors/

These boats are not for everyone, and I'm not suggesting that you should have one, but I can tell you that they're really fast and this model in particular can carry a ton of gear and fish while remaining nicely stable. Summer is right around the corner so keep your eye on the weather for a chance to get out. The fish are out there waiting for us, we just need a window to let us paddle out to them!
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By kickingback
Great post Prof! I can see how fast it moves by the swells going by. Cool!!!
The magic seaweed forecast for Bob Hall is good for the 1st thru the 3rd so far from what I saw. Can't wait to get out myself!!!!
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By Prof. Salt
Spring pretty much shut us out this year, so I hope summer features plenty of hot and still days!
By Longliner
How would she do with someone 6'5 #300+ do you think I could get some good speed outa her?
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By Fishtolive
Yes, Spring fishing is gone.
Sit in the office and stared at the forecast on my PC every day ... and getting sicker with my cabine fever ..... The high wind is killing me
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By Prof. Salt
Longliner wrote:How would she do with someone 6'5 #300+ do you think I could get some good speed outa her?

The stated capacity for the kayak is just over 500 lbs, and even though I'm 6'4" there is still room for longer leg adjustments in the kayak. In fact the 555 has the longest legroom of any Stealth, and the seat pan is very comfortable for me so it would probably fit you too. The speed would depend on your ability, but it would be faster than any other kayak designed to hold bigger guys.
By Longliner
The 555 sounds like a viable option no doubt.
The first Tue of June is looking very good for btb as well

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