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While the weather is sloppy the waters offshore continue to warm up, I know that when we get a window the fish will be waiting for us so I have been wanting to ensure that I'm in shape to get some fish. I have started heading to the marina downtown after work with the kayak to put in miles and keep the paddling muscles in shape. Yesterday the winds were sustained over 20mph but the protected marina had chop much smaller than the open bay. Wind is just not that much fun, but when you can maintain a decent clip even facing into a howling wind, it's not that bad. The sailboat rigging all around the marina was singing a creepy song with all its moaning and clanking but paddling was nice. As a bonus I slept like a baby last night!

I love the song of ringing halyards in a marina.
btw, a bike is a great way to burn calories and work on your aerobic health, also a fun way to do it.
If you're doing it correctly, not leaning on the handlebars, it uses the same core muscles you paddle with.
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That's a good point. Paddling in tough conditions is more enjoyable now that I've learned how to paddle with arms locked to use the core some of the time. I break it up between "normal" paddling to using my core, and it really gives me a nice workout while spreading the work to different muscle groups.

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