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Haven't seen any posts about the Kings anywhere.
It seems the water temp has risen to 68F based on NOAA site. And spanish mackerels are already being caught in Galveston/freeport.
When do you guys normally start the King season?
I am located in Houston and have been planning to go to the Corpus Christi for a couple years but never made the trip.
This year I will have to go for sure! Can't wait!
I haven't heard of any kings being caught yet. It's still a bit early on that. It has been reported, as mentioned, that smacks and jacks are being caught at the SS jetties. Kings will arrive later and the water needs to warm up a little more. Prof. Salt will definitely make a report/video when the kings arrive.
A few power boats in the Corpus area have caught kings. One did well at the BHP far rigs Friday, which triggered me to go after work. The fog moved in and I couldn't get that far, but 400-600 yards outside the surf the big jacks are massed and hungry. The close rig gave me no bites or any indication that fish were hanging around. The kings will be showing up in kayak reports any day now, but be careful of conditions. That fog is not a joke!
I was out of town this weekend, but yes I caught a few just over a week ago. Usually the first wave of fish tend to be big ones, but the fish we found were all 42" or less ...not that I'm complaining. :D

I tried to put a photo with this, but tinypic is down at the moment.
I have only targeted a shark once. It was a giant hammer that was feeding on the surface and I figured it would be good for a high speed sleigh ride. The line parted just as I got the yak up to speed...

All the other (many) sharks have been accidental catches, mostly on 20 lb line.

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