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By Neumie
With the cold front blowing through Saturday afternoon I decided to show Ron East Flats as I felt it offered decent protection from the NW winds we were going t see the next day. With a much cooler start to our morning and adding several more layers we launched our kayaks and paddled to the flats. We had to paddle some into the wind, but was able to hid behind land so we didn't have to deal with too much rough water.

There were three other kayakers who had mother-shipped into the flats so we had to adjust our plan and paddled farther down the point than we wanted to. We staked out our kayaks and split up wading looking for reds on the shallow flats. Seeing nothing we reconvened paddled south to start drifting a "deeper" section of the flats. It's about 3 or so inches deeper than where we had been. Not long into the drift Ron hooked up with a slot red. As he was stringing his fish up I plopped my lure in front of a small school and strung up a red myself. This prompted Ron to get out and wade while I decided to stand up in my kayak to sightcast. I made 3 more drifts and was able to land two more just-under-slot reds and ripped the lure from two other reds.

Since I had to make the drive back to San Antonio we made the call to paddle back in around noon. Some could've, would've, should've talk happened on our paddle back in, but we managed to find a few reds and string a couple up fishing post front conditions. So, not too bad.


Kayak vanity Shot:

Time: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Air Temp: 52°F - 62°F
Wind: NNW @ 18 kn - NNW @ 6 kn
Barometric Pressure: 1018 mb (peaked @ 11:00 am)
Sky: Sunny/Mostly Sunny
Water Clarity: 2 - 4 feet
Water Temp: 71°F
Structure: Sand & Grass with scattered oyster

Predicted Tides @ Port Aransas:
Low @ 5:15 am (-0.61 Ft)
High @ 5:00 pm (0.36 Ft)

Sunrise/set: 7:05am/7:53 pm
Moonrise/set: 3:00 pm/4:37 am on 15th
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (71%)

Silver Mullet Spook Jr.
Kitchen Sink Lil John
PBT Double Bunny Jig
Coastal Gold TS Grasswalker
Birthday Suit TS Grasswalker
I'm assuming Ron threw other lures

Reds: 2 Keeper & a few undersized

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By TexasJim
Nice reports, Josh! Wish I could have joined you and Ron at IMM. It was cold Sunday and I stayed home and worked on my skiff trailer, and got a pesky spasm in my back, which is still bothering me today. Thank for the trajectory lines on your maps. I wondered where you fished out of IMM. Big ol' blue yak! Did you buy the other Ride on Yak Classifieds? TexasJim
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By Neumie
TexasJim wrote:......I wondered where you fished out of IMM......Did you buy the other Ride on Yak Classifieds? TexasJim

I've used that launch to go as far south as Flato Cut and all the way out to the Point of Mustang. I did not purchase the kayak; I didn't really need a 5th kayak anyway.........according to my wife.
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By Ron Mc
Sunday was a varied day, except for the wind, which finally laid for the paddle in.
My Kokatat dry pants paid for themselves again, launching at 52 degrees and beating NNW.
East Flat is a beautiful lake and I really appreciate Josh taking me there.
First aimed the camera when we got good morning light, Josh pointing to the first cut at Pelone Is.
When we entered East Flat from the other end, we were greeted by a string of pelicans,
and there's the two staked out boats we gave a wide berth
Next photo I have is when I staked and abandoned my boat to take after my 23" red
TSL grasswalker Birthday Suit in his mouth - the only lure I fished this morning. I also struck a few smaller trout and rats.
Josh drifting away to sight fish
more great light, the paddle in
our 2 slot fish
Josh going to work, making grilling halves, and a really nice municipal facility at Aransas Marina.
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By Neumie
Grady Ary wrote:Where are good places to poor in and fish my first time on kayak down there going later this week

Looks like Light House Lakes, South Bay and maybe Brown & Root were kicking out a lot of reds this past weekend, particularly on Saturday. Where are you staying?

Here's a Google Map to check out for launch sites: CLICK
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By Ron Mc
Lighthouse Lakes is always a good place to begin. Easy paddle to cross Aransas Channel and be on the flat.
Clear water, don't have to paddle a long way to be on fish.
The pass from Aransas Channel onto LHL always fishes great on a falling tide.
Trout, redfish, black drum, sheepshead.

My buddy and I would take our young daughters to this spot for easy paddling and guaranteed fish.
My daughter is hooked up to a big sheepshead here, and caught several this day.
I only wanted to clean the trout.
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By Ron Mc
whatever advice Josh gives you, take as bible.
A long paddle like Brown & Root may take some getting in shape before hand.
Always plan a long paddle with the wind, doing your initial work upwind, so the wind will help you get home.
A drift sock is invaluable for down-wind fishing.
A stake-out pole is worth its weight in gold. When you find good bottom, take advantage of it, stake your boat, get out, stretch and look around.
I also recommend going with a friend, which I make a priority.

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