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By Ramsdl52
This is a good bean recipe best served with any kind of Mexican food or BBQ. I even like to eat just the beans by themselves. It makes a lot so its best for party or BBQ get together. Cook time roughly 2.5-3hrs. Cost ~$6-7


1lb. pinto beans
.5lb. Thick cut bacon
2-3 tsp of minced garlic
1 10oz can of rotel
48oz of chicken broth
seasonings (whatever you like. i use kosher salt, pepper, and fiesta brand steak seasoning)

First sort out your package of beans and make sure there are no rocks. Put beans in the pot you will be using to cook them in and add water to about 2 inches above bean level and soak overnight. (i've soaked them in the morning for about 4-5 hours and haven't noticed a difference in taste just how long it takes to cook)

when ready to cook dump water out of pot and strain beans and rinse with cold water. Once rinsed, add beans back to the pot along with the can of rotel and chicken broth and seasoning (be generous with the steak seasoning as this is a big portion and needs the extra spices just don't go crazy with the salt). cover with lid and cook on medium heat.

in a separate pan cube your bacon into 1/2"-3/4" pieces. kitchen shears work best for this unless you have a good sharp knife. don't worry if the pieces stick together right now once you start to cook it you can get it all apart.

cook bacon to desired doneness. i like to cook it until it is rare to medium rare still kinda pink but pliable and not crispy. once the bacon is almost done add your minced garlic to the frying bacon and cook until the garlic is golden brown and get ready for everyone in the house to ask you what you're cooking as the aroma of bacon and garlic fills the house.

once garlic is done add the bacon and as much of the garlic from the pan to the beans. you can add a little of the bacon grease if you'd like but don't go crazy because it will give the beans a weird slimy aftertaste

bring beans up to a boil and cover and simmer for about 1.5hrs and stir. check the beans for doneness an flavor. if it needs a little something (maybe some more salt or pepper or more steak seasoning) add now. continue cooking for another 1-1.5 hours stirring every 20-30 mins until beans are done. they should be easy to mush but not mushy on their own.

you can probably add some cumin or jalapeno or cilantro to the mix if you like that flavor but i never do as it doesn't need it. you can probably make a vegetarian version of this dish by changing the chicken broth to vegetable broth and using whatever cooking oil you like to toast the garlic and cutting out the bacon. i've never done this but i'm not vegetarian.

Let me know what you guys think and any feedback you have. Thanks!
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By TexasJim
I do almost the same thing, but use a pressure cooker to shorten the whole process to about two hours. They taste the same. When the Winter Texans are attending, I have to make "Sissy Beans", with no Ro-Tel or jalapenos.

Boil water in the pressure cooker(no lid). Turn off fire.
Pour beans into the pot and let them soak until they have swelled up(at least 30 minutes, maybe longer).
Pour off water, strain beans, and wash them to get all the old water off. Put them back in the pressure cooker.
Cook for 25-30 minutes after pressure has come up. Salt only for this step. Don't overdo this step, or they will get very mushy.
De-pressurize cooker and check to see if they are almost done.
Add your seasonings, Mexene, hot sauce, meat, jalapenos, etc.
Simmer for an hour at least, seasoning to taste. Serve with jalapeno cornbread(with Ro-Tel, of course).


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