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By Neumie
I was exploring around TPWD's website and found some cool data about public boat ramps. It's actually more of an access map because it is GIS data with access points for streams, lakes and down at the coast.

It's not all inclusive by any means (it's missing quite a few access points in the Hill Country and along the coast) and it doesn't name each site, but it's still a great resource. Anyways, I put all the data points on a Google Map to share with y'all. Maybe this will get some people out and exploring new spots.

Google Maps
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By crusher
Neumie wrote:Here's a more complete Google Map for access points along the Coastal Bend and Lower Laguna Madre: Click
I'm not sure you have the upload or the permissions quite right, Neumie. Thanks.

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Neumie wrote:Hmmm... Not sure why that is. They're both set to global/public. Works for me when I log out of my gmail accounts.

Let's try these links:

https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mi ... sp=sharing

Coastal Map:
https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mi ... sp=sharing
Yep, those work. The 1st one wouldn't load anything for me either but both of these work great. Thanks!

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By Ron Mc
the first set worked for me? Maybe it was the edit.

Both are great links - you can plan some nice river floats using the TPWD map.

Nice contribution.
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By Neumie
JW FunGuy wrote:OK what’s up with my account? I have google maps etc but can’t open these. :(
I’m doing it on my iPad ??

It works in the Google Maps app on my Samsung tablet, which I know isn't exactly the same, but it should work. It doesn't like it too much with over 2K points, but it loads.

Oh, this is my work tablet and I don't have the gmail account I used to create the maps linked to it, so it can't be that.
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By JW FunGuy
I opened this in Tapatalk and it worked that way, not sure exactly why but...??
Thanks all good info!

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