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By BlessedAngler
Went fishing with some friends a few days ago. (08JAN19) Started the day off in Holly Beach without any success. Afterwards, we made a stop at Long Bar and ended up with an undersized trout. Finally, got to Mexiquita Flats and found some Reds there. Ended up catching 4 slot reds, biggest was 22 3/4". Also, caught several undersized reds and 2 undersized trout. Fish were caught using TSL Grasswalkers (Chicken on Chain) and Kwigglers (various colors) in about 1-2 ft of water. Added pro cure (Shrimp and Mullet) to our lures. Why did I use it you might ask? Well my buddy Aldo (far right in the pic) was on fire. Didn't matter what he threw he was catching them Reds. I tried using the same lures, same retrieval, and even added pro cure scent like he did and couldn't get a Red to bite. He was having one of those days, while his brother and I took turns with the net. Towards the end of the trip I went back to the TSL lure and ended up with a slot red and a couple of undersized reds. Glad he had a great day. On a side note I have noticed that the Reds coming out of Mexiquita Flats, at least the ones I have been catching, have been towards the lower end of the slot with plenty of undersized reds. I think it would be a good place to take your kids if you want to put them on some fish and are not to worried about the size of them. Once again I've attached a link to a video of our trip. Please like and SUBSCRIBE. Hope you all enjoy. Be safe and God Bless.

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