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By SteveRetrieve
After finally upgrading to a decent paddling kayak it has become apparent that I need to get a proper paddle. The Werner Shuna is at the top of my list but I’m certainly open to suggestions. If anyone is looking to thin their paddle collection let me know!

Tight lines

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By creekstone
What length paddle are you needing?

Where are you located?

The Shuna is a high-angle paddle. Is that your preference?

I've got a couple of Werner Kalliste (low-angle) paddles that I'm looking to sell. (I'm in the Houston area... Fulshear.)
By SteveRetrieve
I am 6’0 and my kayak is 30” wide, so I should be around 230cm according to some of the sizing charts I’ve been seeing.

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By creekstone
I've got two Werner Kalliste paddles.
Both have seen little use and are in excellent condition.
One is a 230cm bent shaft. Asking $300
The other is a 240cm straight shaft. Asking $275
PM me if interested.

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By TexasJim
Steve: I'm 5' 4", my kayak is 28" wide, and I sit low(no high-rise seat), and I use a 230 cm paddle, and wouldn't want a shorter one. At your height, if you're sitting low, I think you would be better off with a 240 cm, or 250 cm if you have a high seat. My paddle is light and I use the 60 degree feathered setting. That seemed awkward for about 15 minutes. Now, straight blade seems awkward. FYI! TexasJim

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