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By TroutSupport.com
Killed it... but was not easy. Fished East Matagorda with a buddy of mine that I haven't fished with in a while... the Legend does exist.. Mr. Zephyr Cove himself.. Smackdaddy .. Smack and I tagged teamed the bay starting early and hunting hard.. we had to hunt for the fish using our best methods and hunting sign in a lot of unknown areas. People think you need to know spots to catch fish and it's just not true, you have to hunt them, sign, and structure. We were in a PB, but all the areas we caught our fish we're reachable by kayak. He actually first found one of these locations long ago on his kayak.

We caught a limit of trout and a bonus red drifting deep shell. was a grind but worked out with the limit of keepers and half dozen through backs. DownSouth in chicken on chain on 1/8th norton screw lock. Just tickling the shell, occasionally a fish would hit it right under the surface or on the fall as well. 1 fish on a provoker as well.. same deal, tickling the shell and trying not to get hung up.

And if that wasn't enough after the limit (we had to grind out the last two) with one trout up to 22. We headed to several wade fishing areas and popped around down the shoreline until we found an area on the south shoreline that had more bait than the others. Anchored up.. he went to the deep side and I went shallow.. didn't take long and he's whopping and hollering and I finally got out to him. We added another 5 fish to the day as we caught and released trout up to 27". These 5 were all studs from 19 to 27. We released all 5 of those. All of these were caught on FatBoys in Black silver pink belly and bone diamond worked slow.. slow pull then a couple twitches. repeat. It was fun fishing a fatboy again. I didn't need to use my GrassWalker as it was deep enough and not enough shell to need the weedless / snagless rig. I'm an angler first, and an inventor second.

We didn't do anything special other than apply what's in the Limit and Big Trout videos... we applied it and worked hard.. fished all day until we couldn't see to take fish off. Was a grind, it was work, but it was fun work.

Anyone is always welcome to contact me at tobin@troutsupport.com to ask fishing questions or try to figure out what they're not putting to use as they should. tobin@troutsupport.com
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By Dandydon
You da man, Tobin! Your fishing reports are loaded with useful information for us struggling to catch gamefish in the Winter.
Thanks for sharing.
I'm looking forward to our upcoming fishing trip & am fired up to learn some new techniques.
Keep it up!

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By TroutSupport.com
Thanks Guys, it was a fun trip. Took work and hunting around to find those fish. At about 11 am we were both a little worried.. just went back to basics and hunting the fish and started to pay off. Caught first one finding a slick coming from the shoreline, then went deep. Low tide always has fish pulled off the shoreline... just grinded some deep shell, not much sign but it's structure. Macs doing ok, he's funny as ever and his little boy is a hoot. Good guy.
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