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By Tagdog
This is not BTB but I wanted to get this off my chest. First off I think Roy's for the most part is an awesome store. They have an amazing stock of merchandise. Sometimes when everyone else is out of Ribbon fish, Roy's might have them. I personally never felt they were the friendliest folks in town, but so what, they got what you need. But as of now, I will probably still shop there but they will be my very last choice and if I can prevent it I will not give them my business.

Here is why, Ill break it down in bullet points:

1) In October 2018 I bought a Viking Profish Reload. Love it! I had put it on Lay Away, and made several payments on it by phone and Credit Card.
2) I talked to Zach mostly who was really nice and helpful. (Once when I called in the summer when trying to pick color I talked to someone else and I asked what colors they had and was told"I don't know Dude you have to come in and look" WTF! Oh well I wanted they Kayak, no big deal.
3)Picked up Kayak in October and my wife was with me. She found something in the store she wanted as a Christmas present for her brother and she talked to Zach, not to my knowledge about buying me a second Tackle Pod for Christmas! What an awesome gift!, I had no idea. Zach did not have any but he got one from Ryan the distributor, still not my knowledge.
4) Just before Christmas, Zach called my wife. Said Tackle Pod was in. My wife gave him a credit card and asked to ship it.
5) Okay says Zach, we will ship but only to your home address where your credit card is at. We will not ship to your business just down the road with the same zip code.
6) My wife says"It's Christmas. I don't want my husband to see it or for it to get stolen off my porch. Zach says "Not our problem" "My manager says no"
7)My wife says that's crazy, you know who we are and Amazon does it all the time. Zach says "It's not happening"
8)My wife says "Shove it up your ass, I'll never buy anything from you again.
9) My wife calls a guy in Florida who ships the Tackle Pod, no problem. I got a second Tackle Pod! Yeah!

Roy's apparently does not give a crap about their customers!
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By Kirk B.
If you're rude or disrespectful to me, I *might* let it go.
If you're rude or disrespectful to my wife, F you, the horse you rode in on, and its saddle.
I'm with you on this one.

Kirk B.
By Longliner
It's just a policy they have. If I owned Roy's bait & tackle I would put up a sign saying no freaking socialist libitards allowed. And that would be my policy.
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By niswanger
Longliner wrote:It's just a policy they have. If I owned Roy's bait & tackle I would put up a sign saying no freaking socialist libitards allowed. And that would be my policy.

And it wouldn't affect his base one ounce. Might stifle some growth?

I went to Roy's one time about 8 years ago just because.

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By Ron Mc
I got real good service over the phone once ordering some discontinued Lew's reel parts.
In fact, my very oldest and highest mileage Lew's is only working because Roys bought up that parts inventory.
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By Prof. Salt
Life and business would be so much easier if we didn't have to deal with scams and thieves seeking to take advantage of others. Unfortunately responsible businesses have to take steps to protect themselves and their customers. If Roy's refused to ship to an address different than the one on the card it's probably because they have experienced theft via a similar method in the past. Identity thieves would, of course, want to ship to an address they control rather than the address affiliated with the stolen card. It seems to me that Roy's was just trying to serve their customer while protecting themselves and the card holder. It made things less than ideal for your wife to collect the present without your knowledge, but speaking ill of a business for holding to a policy that protects themselves (and the card holder) doesn't seem right. Small businesses are difficult to run and grow, and I know from 35 years of dealing with Roy's that they work very hard to provide good service ...and they're impressively good at it most of the time.

I'm glad your wife found a different business that offered a way to ship the way she wanted!
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By boricualouie
Wow! That's kind of weird! I went there on my way to pinns and I got there a bit after hours so I pulled into the parking lot and got out and went to the door and Roky meet there and he opened the door for even though it was after closing time ,he let me in to get some lures and leader materials, he even gave me a tour of the place because it was my first time there.
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By IrishSharker
I’ve spent 5-6 years dealing with Roy’s on a monthly to weekly bases. They have everything you need, decent prices, and they do try and help if not too swamped. With that said it can be kind of clickish if your not part of the whole Facebook local cool group. Overall I love the store of Roy’s but the employees can be a lil too cool for school. I personally don’t see your problem worth this whole write up tho. Just don’t shop there

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By Longliner
Facebook really? I guess if you need to feel like you belong and Facebook floats your boat, I guess there's worst places to spend your time.
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By Tagdog
I probably should not have posted this. I told myself a long time ago that I would only post positive stuff on forums. So, I apologize. I was very irritated at the time. As Prof. Salt pointed out they were trying to protect themselves. I understand that, but they knew who we were. It was a stupid decision on there part. I will probably still shop there. And this is the last negative post for me. Next post will be with a picture of a fish or telling someone Nice Job! tight Lines!

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