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By topwater trout
Hello everyone. I'm new here but not to fishing or kayaking. Wanted to shout out to all the topwater and trout junkies out there. I normally yak East Matagorda and West Galveston bays. I have gotten hooked on the troutsupport grass walker too. Topwaters and Grass Walkers are my main arsenal. Hope to run into y'all on the water.
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By karstopo
Welcome aboard! I was a topwater junkie for quite a time. I threw them so much I kind of got burned out on them. Hear good things about the TSL lure, how do you fish it on top?
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By Ron Mc
friend, Tobin designed it neutral density.
With an unweighted swimbait hook, it naturally dog walks in the surface film.
if you count it down and fish a bit slower, it still dogwalks in the mid colum, and to get deeper, go to an 1/8oz weighted hook
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By Crusader
topwater trout wrote:
fishpuertovallarta wrote:Welcome to the forum. Plz, share some more information about you.

Like what?

Your vaccination history :-)
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By Ron Mc
close, we want vacation history - with photos

most of us don't read, but we like to look at pictures
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