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By karstopo
Those are pretty cool. I wonder if anyone has fished one?

In my experience, flies and lures that move right usually out fish ones that look like more exact imitations of something, but may not move naturally in the water.
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By preast
Agreed on the action, karstopo. I tie so I probably won't be doing this, and rarely do things to exactly imitate for the reason you said. Mainly just thought it was interesting and maybe if a person doesn't have any kind of tying stuff. I didn't think it was necessarily meant to be fly cast but you probably could.

I was gonna ask kickingback how they worked.
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By kickingback
I made three and the first two looked like shrimp that had "issues" and may not draw a bite and the other looks too good to throw! LOL
I haven't tried to throw any of them yet but I will most likely use a #2 salt water hook and that weight alone should make it sink slow enough when it hits the water as the inside is hollow and it take s a second or two to fill and sink. Like I said, I haven't tried it but it looks like it will catch a fisherman so it HAS to catch a fish as well!
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