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By Nekro
Hi everyone my name is Paul and I live in Round Rock originally from Los Angeles and finally looking to get into kayak fishing. I have been fishing for a long time, I used to float tube all the time. I would tube lakes, ponds, and harbors in Orange County. I finally picked up a truck since living out here and finally want to get into yak fishing. I am pretty sold on the Kaku Wahoo 10.5, I have fished from a prescedor at Lady bird lake before. I will be fishing lakes, ponds, and all want to fish some rivers around Austin. I hope to learn as much from this site and maybe even some meet ups. Thanks for your time.
By Tombo
Try before you buy. You will be surprised on how kayaks perform. I have never heard of the kayak you are interested in. Have you paddled it? Paddled any others for comparison?
BTW welcome to TKF.
By Nekro
Thanks all for the warm welcome.

I have only paddled the Perception Pescador. Its hard for me to attend demo days because I work the weekends.
By Nekro
I just picked up a OldTown topwater 106 yesterday and I cant wait to take it out on the water next week.
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