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Ultrastealth wrote:There is such a thing as intellectual property, and videos like those from Troutsupport certainly fall into this category. He obviously put a lot of work into the videos, made his own lure, etc. It's called entrepreneurship. How can you criticize that? If you don't want to buy the videos or use the lures, that's your prerogative, but the criticism is just ridiculous.

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This conversation touched me... Before I provide additional input (aka fuel) let me state that I have no idea who Only1Lee is -- I assume he has a youtube channel or smth to that effect.

Only1Lee wrote:LOL are you going to sit there and say (and really believe) that the information in your dvd is revolutionizing the Texas coastal fishing?

It did for a lot of people. You'd be surprised how many boaters out there who (after spending 30k on a boat) discover they can barely catch any fish.

Also if the people BOUGHT you dvd at full price and decided to share that information with others; why are you upset? Someone still paid you.

Nazi/commie logic right here. I don't even need to explain on this one -- it's so wrong it hurts...

Honestly, I’m more surprised I haven’t found copies or torrent rips of your DVD online yet. It’s incredibly easy to do and even harder chase down.

True. I assume this is because of multiple factors and "typical buyer being a decent person" is one of them. Btw, identifying people sharing stuff online isn't hard and there are databases full of info on such people. Nobody goes after them because reasons, but that doesn't mean it won't change in the future.

Good Luck with your fancy “Slug-Go” lure and “secret spots”

Market will decide amount of luck Tobin will get with these.

But if a business owner wants to come around and call people scum for sharing information. That makes him a piece of (insert whatever word of choice here)

It depends. If they are sharing something they shouldn't according to the law -- yes, they are scum. They are breaking the law and reduce his profits (for which he worked hard and risked his hard-earned capital).

Ownership is defined by laws and enforced by government. If these laws say that he owns it -- he does. "XXX should be free", "Everyone deserves YYY" is a typical freeloader thinking and until it is enshrined in the law -- no one cares about it.

By his own standards he’s taking business away from guides by taking Information that seasoned anglers know and use and selling it.

Yes, he competes with others. There is nothing wrong here as long as it is within boundaries of the law.

And helping anglers is what Youtube is about.

Bullshit. Youtube is about attracting people's attention with content and then selling it to advertisers and data miners. It is also about selling access to audience for "shaping public opinions". Basically it is a tool where you sell your free will for "FREE" entertainment. Cable company Mk2.

I’ve seen 2 kinda of people post here.
1) those salty about other people sharing information on a FREE platform
2) and those thankful to those sharing information on a FREE platform

lol... "FREE"... you can't be this delusional. Ever heard of saying "in the land of free stuff you are the goods"?

I make those vids so people can find where I’m fishing. See what I’m doing. And use that information to go catch fish themselves.

Bullshit. What are current rates for content creators? $1k for 1 million views? This (FREE! ;)) estimation tool shows an interesting pic. Don't forget fringe benefits like fame/recognition/huge boner in the morning because you achieved something you always wanted to. Of course all of this is result of your hard work, money and time invested into this. And it may not work due to competition, luck, etc.

I bet you'll be upset if I setup a (FREE!) tool that copies your content the moment it gets uploaded, scrubs your name/watermarks (or high-tech -- replace your face) of of it and distributes it. I bet you wouldn't accept "but someone still watched your video" argument and complain to law enforcement (youtube in this case).

I haven’t and I won’t ask for donations. I make these vids because fishing is something I love to do. And sharing the information I’ve learned and have been taught is something I will gladly do WITHOUT CHARGING PEOPLE $$$ even though it costs me $$$

Of course, why ask for donations (that everyone hates to get nagged about), if you could monetize (or extract value) using other ways? Plus, you can encourage donations without asking for them directly ;)

Sell your lures. Share your information.

No! If it is my stuff -- this means I decide what to do with it.
Karyuu wrote:
dead wait wrote:I found it. Yall got it all wrong. It's in Oyster creek where it ties into the Brazos.

Dude! your right. I finally found it. Let's do TKF meetup. No YouTubers allowed.

Here are the coordinates for everyone to meet up.

-33.350534, -71.653268

Holy FUKE. You did find it. Of course, you paddled alot further than I did to find it. Argentina. LMFAO
Kiss n Tell videos and books; there’s there’s way more to it.

One of my favorite things to do, is fish behind another who’s having a tough go of it, and pick up a few nice ones. For me, it validates (along with many other things) how far I’ve come along as a fisherman. I find more and more that it’s not the spot, lure color, brand of rod, what line you used; it’s about experience, and feel; stuff you cannot get in a book or video or even from a guide.

Quick Story
Once upon a time, I went yak fishing with a really good friend and fishing buddy. We were using identical yaks, rods, reels, gulp, jig heads and line. We anchored in a channel opening in the late afternoon to fish the tidal movement. Our boats were side by side, literally, no more than a paddle length apart. I was pulling up fish after fish. He was getting frustrated. He kept asking more and more detailed questions and I frustratingly tried my absolute best to describe what exactly I was doing. Over and over came the questions: “How are you deciding when to lift the tip and set the hook and how do you know there’s a fish there?”, he asked. I was starting to get really frustrated. “Sometimes it’s a subtle bump,” I replied, “but sometimes I just know”. We literally switched rods, then at his request, we switch spots! We actually switched everything because he “just knew” there had to be something, some advantage, I had that made the difference. This day taught me an important lesson. It taught me several actually. I bet some of you old salts (regardless of age) probably can guess what those lessons are.

By day's end my friend did finally manage to catch a few. Our “his to mine” catch ratio was probably along the lines of 1:25. And, the strange thing is that I actually felt bad about it. WTH? In the years since, he’s worked hard and he catches a lot more, and nicer fish, but still I don’t think he’s ever *really* got it to be honest. Maybe I’m just a lousy teacher, along with all the other guides and friends he has fished with over the last 30 years?

On Fishing Spots
It’s funny to me how I rarely feel that my fishing success is because of the spot I am in. I may feel awe at the place, I may react to its beauty, but it’s very rare that I associate fishing success with a specific place (Passes and Dams not withstanding). Not a month goes by where I’ll be fishing anywhere on a bank or pier or jetty or beach and after a fish or two, almost on cue, other fisherman move in to keep me company I never say anything, though I find it annoying sometimes. So, I move to give myself space, and keep on catching fish. My point is that, to me, the fish are where I am, with rare exception. Doesn’t everybody rig up just *knowing* the fish are there? Just *knowing* that creatures are waiting for your offering?

Everybody has been taught to fish
I cannot even begin to name every person who has helped me learn to enjoy fishing and catch fish. Heck, there are hundreds of you reading this stuff! The manner of sharing and learning has definitely changed a lot over the years. I envision some sort of Virtual Reality 3D immersive possibilities on the horizon that may actually be able to teach the “feel” that is difficult to convey without trial and error, experience, time, and perseverance. Let’s just hope the technology isn’t the only way future generations have left due to resource abuse and neglect!

Whether it’s ESPN Outdoors, or YouTube, or a Seminar at a fishing show, or a book, or TKF, whatever the media, or motivation: Thank you for tips that helped. Fishing success means a lot to us all. Success means we keep doing it. Success means we want to share our experience. Success means we keep buying stuff. Success means licenses, and protected places and access to them. We need more fisherman, not less. It begins with exposure, however, that exposure comes packaged; DVDs, YouTube, Twitch, ESPN, whatever. Just *please* be responsible about copyrighted content, attribution, and the ecological fragility of some places before putting stuff out there.

One last thought:
If you return to the same old spot every time you go fishing, man, you’re in a rut. You’re missing out on more fun than you can imagine. You really need to get out and explore.

Sorry about the ramble. I tried hard to just take it all in. I just hate it when we have our family spats...but we are family; it comes with the territory sometimes. I think I’ll go fishin’ now.

Tight lines!

Ultrastealth wrote:When somebody gives me a spot, I fish it with the understanding that it was privileged information, and I'm not to bring a bunch of people there or shout it out to the world.

Mark does not reveal spots that someone has told him. ALL spots that he reveals on his Patreon page have been spots that he found through research and trial and error.

Ultrastealth wrote:I'm familiar with MDLR, and I can tell you where he fished in virtually every video he posts just by the landmarks and the launch spots he shows. So, he's not really protecting any information that he gets, no matter what he says.

How can you expect the guy to hide landmarks when he filming with a gopro? Should he just turn on the video when he hooks up with a fish?

Ultrastealth wrote:He's selling his spots on Patreon, so really anyone who wants to pay can get them.

He does not sell any spots that were given to him. He has respect to the people that share spots with him. All spots that you see on patreon are spots he went out and found himself with google earth and trial and error.

Ultrastealth wrote:It's called entrepreneurship. How can you criticize that? If you don't want to buy the videos or use the lures, that's your prerogative, but the criticism is just ridiculous.

MDLR is an entrepreneur just like Trout Support. You need to understand that it's a different type of business he is trying to grow.

I know Mark personally. The accusation of him selling spots that people have given to him are FALSE. He does not do that. He finds his own spots by trial and error and he will give them to his patron's. And honestly, the spots he gives out are not brand new spots that no one has ever fished.

Bottom line, Mark is a good guy and a good angler. He works very hard and is trying to make a business out of his YouTube channel.

How do I know all this you may ask? Because, I am Texas RX Angler on YouTube. :D

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