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I picked up a project kayak last week and went to the lake. Its a skinny boat and I haven't paddled a sit in in probably 13 years.

performa 1.PNG

performa 2.PNG

I was paddling along a shoreline and came across a turtle tangled in some fishing line which was wrapped on a tree branch.

turtle shell.PNG

turtle 2.PNG

I didn't have a knife so I put the turtle and branch on top of the kayak and paddled till I found a boater and he removed the line and set the turtle free.

So, reminder to self is always bring a cutting tool of some kind even if I don't plan on fishing. :D

I have more pics but not able to load them.
F.O.C., I grew up raising small Terrapin turtles & truly love all turtles. I hate turtle soup & all MFers who illegally catch turtles for money. If I see it, I either kick some ass or report it.
God bless you for saving that turtle. Keep it up!

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