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So I want to hit up the San Luis Pass boat ramp launch some time, but I'm a little intimidated about launching my kayak with all the power boaters.

How do you guys handle that launch, or any boat ramp launch in general?

I'm just not sure how to do it without pissing a lot of people off which I'd like to avoid. I can't see myself getting the kayak down from the truck, gear loading up (fishing poles, ice, etc), double checking that I'm not forgetting anything, launching, parking the kayak somewhere, walking back to my truck, and driving it to a parking spot in anything less than 15 - 20 minutes.

I know I'd be furious if I were a power boater. I get pissed all the time at my parents lake house if another boat takes 5 minutes to launch when they decide to load up ON THE FREAKING RAMP!!! :lol:

How do you guys do it???
Some ramps we can launch our kayaks and paddle to a spot so we can load up our gear. Another choice would be to get a set of wheels, load up your kayak and launch. Take the wheels with you or store back in your vehicle.
Yep, if you can load in parking lot and roll to ramp it's better. Busiest launch times are early morning and afternoon.
I have my PA on a trailer and load it up and back it into the water and leave it there and park. The public ramp at SLP is wide enough to do that and there are small docks you can use if needed. Just do your thing but do it quick. I have never been rushed myself launching after 6 pm or recovering at 9 am.
At SLP park left ramp is wider than the right one -- drop your yak close to the wall, you'll leave plenty of space for boat to launch.

In general -- yeah, I try to avoid using ramp. If it too problematic (e.g. very steep banks, etc) -- just do my routine as quickly as possible.
Sometimes there is a place away from the ramp to launch. I can’t remember if SLP has one, but it seems like it did. Often, there’s a place off to the side to get your stuff in order before hitting the ramp. Every ramp is different. At the San Bernard, I’ve launched off the rocks on the ICW rather than wait on the ramp. At Ernie’s, there’s really no reason to use the ramp either.

I’ve seen other kayakers take way, way too long clogging busy ramps and move with no sense of urgency or organization. They will be cutting up and talking and not staying on task. Its almost as if they are thumbing their nose at everyone else. It’s very inconsiderate and just makes some of the power boat community dislike the whole lot of kayakers.

I get people often go in kayaks to slow down and chill and not think so much, but just do all that after the launch if the ramp is busy.
Launched out of SLP several times over the past few weeks and have found that people are generally friendly there. Weekend mornings on beautiful days can be trying so just be patient and courteous and everything will be fine. Have also found that launching early in the morning helps (less crowded before sun-up). And as previously suggested - wheels are your friend. Would say that you are approaching this correctly. Just try to be as efficient as possible. But remember that you don't have to break your neck either. Plenty of good fishing there so enjoy and be safe out there.

PS: The currents can really get going in and around that entire area so plan your trips accordingly. And remember that tidal predictions are just that - a prediction. Actuals can be way different.
I don't launch my kayak at no stinkin' ramp. Too many pleasant, no hassle places to put in. Most pb launchers are courteous and knowledgable folks. Fifteen percent don't know the bow from the stern, and are to be avoided at all costs.
Thanks for all the tips guys.

I'd consider a ramp mostly because they are legal launches; non-ramps I always wonder if I'll come back to a towed truck or a ticket :\

Also a lot of times the ramp is closest to where I want to get; like SLP, that launch is closest to Titlum-Talum bayou (I've never been there, but I keep eyeballing it).
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Thanks so much, everyone! Very helpful.