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I have 2 Tarpon 160's for sale, one yellow and one orange. Located in Victoria. Both boats have anchor trolleys and Blade rudders. The rudder on the yellow one is slightly bent, but functions fine. Both hulls are in great shape, with normal oyster rash. Bungee cords are pretty stretched, but can easily be replaced. 2010 models, and always stored inside. $1100 for both.
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By Makzym0s
ChefJeff wrote:I have 2 Tarpon 160's for sale, one yellow and one orange.


Not being a mean person. Love me some Wildy yaks.
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By Makzym0s
ChefJeff wrote:Got all of the info up now, Makz!

Looks good! Where you located? Any interest in separating ?

I’m going to ask a friend if he wants to go in halfsies on these because I know he is looking for 160s. I’d definitely take the orange one off your hands
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By ChefJeff
I'm in Victoria. After all they've been through together(like this 42 mile trip), it would be a shame to separate them!
I'd like to sell them as a package, but I would consider separating them if necessary.
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I sent you a PM

I will be in Port A on April 29th through the May […]

Where are you located?