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Hey guys! I have a curious question for all of you. Please feel free to leave your personal experience or advice on the subject. I am sure I can learn a lot from any one of you on the matter.

So I have been camping... well, pretty much all my life. However, I have never been camping or stayed at a hotel overnight with a trailer loaded with 2 kayaks. The last time my wife and I went camping, we didnt have our kayaks, and so it wasnt an issue. We are planning a kayak/camping trip in a couple of weeks and I am a bit apprehensive about leaving the kayaks on the trailer overnight. I feel a little less nervous if we decide that we are going to go camping, because the kayaks will be right next to us. If we stay in a hotel, im not exactly sure how to secure the kayaks to where someone wont want to try and take them or even mess with them. All of you know like I do, that kayaking can be an expensive hobby/activity. Even if we lock the kayaks to the trailer with a chain, if someone REALLY wanted to take them while we slept... im sure they would be able to.

I guess what I want to know... is
1.) how do you feel about leaving your kayaks out in the open at a hotel?
2.) If you were to leave them out in the open, how do you secure your kayaks?
3.) Do you have any advice on managing your kayak trailer while it is not in your view?

Sensitivity alarms! Place a large chain on each kayak and get an alarm that is not noticeable and if anyone moves the kayaks or cuts the locks if you have the alarm in the right place you WILL hear it and scare anyone away I am sure!
You could rig up something easy and cheap. Like the bite sensors that you run your line through and it beeps loudly when hit. You could rig up a fishing line tot he alarm and if the kayaks move the alarm will sound.
I haven't had to leave my kayak out all night but if I did I would do the alarm and have my gun close by as well.
I bought 2 python cable locks and ran them thru the scupper holes of both kayaks. One at the front and 1 at the back and thru the trailer. I then backed the trailer right up to my hotel door. My bed was right on the other side of the door with a window beside it too. It would have been difficult and a slow, time consuming theft for someone to take them without waking me up. If your staying at a hotel where you have to park away from your room then I would go with kickingbacks idea of an alarm and a pistol.

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There is only one surefire way. Bring them into the room. Not practical.
You can't have too many cables. My fishing partner Travis, aka MT Stringer,uses some flat looking disc that when moved give out a loud shriek. Just place them on the kayak easy to get to before you forget. Nothing says here I am like launching your kayak at some remote place and the alarm goes off.

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