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By krackdawg
Mounted a trolling motor to my Malibu Kayak using the tracking system, so the arm is removable. Here is what it looks like. Hope to water test it soon. Sorry about the video being blurry in spots... Dang cell phone has a mind of its own!
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By Crusader
pretty sure it is 40lbs, not 40hp :)

I used 40lbs motor on malibu stealth 14 -- it is a perfect match (because it is a beast to paddle without motor)
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By kickingback
I use a 24 lb Watersnake TM for my Hobie PA. It's just small enough to fit into the mirage drive.
Did you take into effect the heavy weight of the TM and the battery you plan to use? Since the TM is on the right side and sticking out that far you will need to "lean" to your left or sit to your left to balance the kayak, not to mention the weight of the battery and where you will put it in the kayak. If you move the TM closer to the kayak it will make the center of gravity more toward the yak instead of away from it. You used metal also and that adds to the weight as well.
What size battery and type you plan to use?
I use a 100 AH (amp hour) AGM (sealed no acid to replace) battery and it weighs 70 lbs and I can go 12-15 hours of non stop moving with it. It weighs my kayak down quite a bit but it is rated for 350 lbs and I only weigh 175. You will need to put the battery on the opposite side of your kayak to balance better and it wont tip when you get out.
For a 40 lb TM you will only get about 6-10 hours of use from a 100 AH battery. You could go smaller with a 35 AhH battery and it weighs half that of the 100 AH. You will only get about 3-6 hours but not full throttle the whole time.
Good work!
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By krackdawg
The Kayak I mounted it to is pretty wide and stable. There was no noticeable tilt when I mounted it, but hope to test it in water soon and can add a counterbalance if needed soon. I have 2 battery options - 100Ah and a 35Ah - the 35 is not very big or heavy, the 100 is. I plan to use the 35 most of the time, as I will only need it to get to and from my spots so if I can get a couple hours out of it, I should be good. I am not concerned about the weight as I have transported kids, even adults in the kayak without issue. I'll post an update once I test it.
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By krackdawg
Tested out the new Trolling motor in a small lake, and it was a success. Mount held up like a champ. There was a slight lean to the motor side, but not enough to worry about. Achieved 3.5 mph - that usually what I'm at when paddling aggressively. Video is below...


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