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By Ron Mc
Posting these for @Kayak Kid, if target arms get to play here.
Fun thing about these ballistics is you don't need a 300 yd range to have fun.

1873 in .357 - this will group better than a couple of inches at 100 yds
another .357, 1871 baby rolling block with 3x Malcolm scope, and it weighs 5-1/2 lbs with scope
Since this is a single shot, I can load 180g .35 spitzers hotter than factory pistol rounds, and you know you're shooting something.
Would also make a good hog gun, I just don't have a place to hunt.
my .22 field artillery - 1885 with Creedmoor sights - I can hid a dime at 75 yards with two adjustment shots
view through the Creedmoor with my favorite front globe insert
On the rear sight, have a variable aperture Hadley eye cup so I can balance depth-of-field with available light - great for old eyes.
Image that's a spirit level bubble in the bottom of the field

My daughter's Henry H001 also has a peep sight. When first sighting it in, it shot 2 connected pairs and a third pair the same hole at 50 yds - probably the best buy in a firearm ever.

and to give this some hunting content, she doesn't just target shoot, fly fish, kayak, build/ride bikes, and wrestle for state medal - one of her Doss hill country bucks
By Kayak Kid
Thanks for sharing photos. Love those rolling blocks. Your daughter, whom I met through your photos, is growing up too fast. My two daughters did the same. My thirty year old son is still 15.
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By Ron Mc
She's going to A&M next fall. Just got back from first round of her district wrestling championships. All the girls on her team won their first round, and so did the boys except one recently brought up from JV. She's ranked 3rd in state in her weight, and the championship tomorrow will be a rematch between her and the girl rated 2nd in state. Her girls team is also ranked 3rd in state. And we're hoping to see all these numbers improve over the next 3 weeks.

edit 2/15 - after Disctrict championships, she's ranked #1 in Texas. Region tomorrow and State next week.

due for one more wrestling edit - her weekend at Region championships was nothing short of spectacular, and won Outstanding Wrestler
she lost her state championship by 2 points

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