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By poleposition
Had plans to fish the super moon Sunday night when the lightning started in all around my home. Went to the radar and found those storms going right over Galveston. Met my buddy at the launch and waited and waited for the lightning to quit. We checked the radar again only to find no end in sight. With that, we called it and drove our separate ways home. As I'm crossing into Alvin city limits, I spot that glorious moon shining through. I get to the house and go straight for the radar. Looks like the storm will pass in the next 1.5 hours! I text my buddy and tell him I'm considering driving back to the launch. He says he'll wait til morning to go. After deliberating the whole 'by myself' scenario, I decide I can't let this moon hang out all night alone. I launch about midnight and hit some lights near a reef. The bay is choppy but weather is nice. I anchor down and put on an opening night paddle tail and catch specks until they eat the chartreuse tail. Change over to chickenboy pink shrimp and catch a few more. I see some shrimp jumping so I throw on my tandem shrimp rig. Next cast is tandem reds. One grinds against the reef and cuts me off, but I land the other. He goes 24". Couple of casts later and I bring in a 23.5" speck. I have 9 trout and 1 red when things slow down a bit, so I move to another light near another reef. In between the 9 reds I snag there, I catch my trout number ten. I Release a couple bulls and several slots. Smallest red was 24". Now I'm a bit tired, so I leave them biting. with no other option, (I don't have a fish bag) I pull 13 fish into my lap and paddle back to the launch, where I proceed to do my happy dance. Other than barges, I didn't see another boat or yak on the water. Specks went 15-23.5 Reds went 24-26.5
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By kickingback
Awesome! Great report and pics! Glad you caught some nice fish. I love to fish at night as you can catch some of the biggest and fattest fish. They have to feed and I see it as I get the fat ones that like to eat all day at night. :clap:
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By kickingback
He is talking about lights from homes or structures "near" the reef. This is how the fish actively feed. If the reef is nearby they feed on the critters in the reef and if it is dark and lights on the bait fish are drawn in and that brings the predators from the reef hearing all the "action" of hitting bugs on surface and active feeding of fish swimming and trashing attacking bait.
I fish at night all the time and this scenario is the best I have found as well. That is why I like fishing Tiki. Bird Islands are close and the shallow flats near tiki on the west end hold shell which makes them the reef your looking for.

Here are two sources: Tail Tail Signs and ACK .

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